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Posted 07 March 2013 - 12:14 PM

Hi Craig, good to see you back on the boards after being away for few months. Most of the following was posted on the refund thread but was in danger of getting lost.

Here are some things that would help a lot :

1) Let ED know how many outstanding pre orders for Pandoras you currently have. This will allow plans to be made to fulfil these orders.

2) Give some support on the official iCP support forum & deal with things like this That sort of stuff is frankly embarrassing on an official product forum.

3) Seek to engage & enthuse the iCP2 community, talk about the keyboard layout, the Firmware, where the Dev units are etc.

4) People are told they have not got a Pandora and that you personally lost a lot of money due to mistakes from Circuit Co., let them know why you have not sued Circuit Co.

5) Give a clear and detailed account of what happened to the money raised from the 1 Ghz pre orders. I think that people who were told to pre order at a premium cost to help cover development / testing, i.e. true supporters of the project, deserve to be told why they are still waiting for units.

6) Let people who are asking for refunds for Pandoras know when / if they are going to get their money back.



It's understood that you & ED have a different interpretation of how things should have happened after he took over production. Why not let ED know what was specifically agreed to happen that did not happen and I'm sure he'll make efforts to fulfil his side of the agreement.


ED is seen as the 'Saviour of the community' because that's what he is, if you disagree then consider where the project would be if ED had not taken over production. The fact that ED is seen as the 'saviour' does not denigrate your input in terms of time & money in any way.



Question 1 :


When ED took over production of Pandoras why did you stop selling Pandoras?


My understanding of what was supposed to happen at this point would be that the previous roles would be reversed, i.e. You would sell Pandoras (which you received at cost price from ED) at a profit from your own UK shop / website. The profits generated from these sales would be used to supply refunds & fulfil existing pre orders. There was nothing stopping you from doing this, you did not need anyone's permission to do this, why was it not done?


Question 2 :


Do you have any intention to provide active support on these boards to the iCP / iCP2 community? If not then why not get the support section moved to your own web space?



General point : Please understand that I fully appreciate that you are in no way obliged to answer these points / questions but I believe that if you did then the overall situation could be greatly improved. I hope you also appreciate that people are fully entitled to raise such points / questions, even if you choose to ignore them. Please understand that if you choose to ignore perfectly reasonable questions then people will tend to think the worst, i.e. that you have something to hide. Help others & help yourself by taking the time to answer / respond to any reasonable question put by members of the Pandora community.



Note to everyone : Please respect the forum rules on this one & let Craig answer before chipping in with your own thoughts, if you want to do that then this post is also more or less duplicated in the refunds thread. If after 2 months Craig has decided that this is not worth answering then feel free to comment.

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