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Amstrad CPC

Amstrad CPC - Emulation


System: Amstrad CPC
Emulator: Cap32
Maintainer: jonsneyers

Caprice32 is one of the best emulators of the Amstrad CPC home computer series running on Windows and Unix, written by Ulrich Doewich. This emulator faithfully imitates the CPC464, CPC664, and CPC6128 models
(see caprice32 project)

Ported by ZX81 - as previously ported by him to Gp2x-Wiz

What's new compared to original Caprice32 project :

- Cheat support !
- Memory monitoring engine to find your own cheat code !
- Text editor to modify the global cheat.txt file
- Text editor to write your own comments on games
- Display first comment line while browsing game files
- CPC Disk explorer
- Auto disk startup support
- Save state in gzip format
- Screen size / Fit mode optimized for Pandora
- Pandora Keyboard support
- Save directories for snap and disk image on exit
- etc, etc ...