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Commodore 64 (and similar)

Commodore 64 (and CBM Machines) Emulation


System: Commodore 64 (and others)
Emulator: Vice
Maintainer: Pickle

While Vice includes many different Commodore systems (C128, PET, C16, etc.), it is mostly used for its excellent C64 emulation.
The Pandora offers the FULL Vice versions, with all its features and configurations (different SID versions, cartridge emulation, WARP mode, True Disk Mode, SaveStates) and has buttersmooth scrolling, fullspeed with sound available.
The ultimate C64 experience :)

C64.emu - Emu Plus Ex Alpha

System: Commodore 64
Emulator: C64.emu
Maintainer: ptitSeb

An emulator of the Commodore 64 8-bit home computer.
Part of the Emu EX Plus Alpha collection.
Full-screen mode available.
GLES hardware scaling.
Based on VICE.


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