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Super Nintendo

Super Nintendo Emulation


System: Super Nintendo
Emulator: Snes9x4P
Maintainer: Ivanovic

A very good Super Nintendo Emulator, based on SNES9x. It features smooth scrolling, savestates, different scaling methods and runs almost all games flawlessly.

Snes9x EX - Emu Ex Plus Alpha

System: Super Nintendo
Emulator: Snes9x EX - Emu Ex Plus Alpha
Maintainer: ptitSeb

Another very good emulator, ported from Android to the Pandora.
Also based off SNes9x means that it has almost perfect compatibility as well.
It also supports various scaling sizes, Scanlines and CRT Mask filters (which enhance the look on an LCD), savestates and it even saves automatically when you exit the emulator.

Very recommended.


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