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Here you can download the most recent as well as older firmware images.

Most users probably want to check the "fullflash"-Directory.
Inside you'll ZIP-Archives which have all files needed to flash the OS onto your system included.
For instructions how to flash them, please check the Firmware Section on PandoraWiki.org.

If you want to install the OS onto an SD Card, you need a rootfs.
The most recent one can always be found in the root folder (pandora-rootfs.tar.bz2).
Older versions can be found in the "images"-subfolder. Please be aware that you need to use the correct kernel for each rootfs as well.
For more information about the installation process, check out the PandoraWiki.

Inside the "images"-subfolder are also ubifs-images as well as informations of what packages are included in what image.

Sourcecodes of programs used within the Pandora OS can be found in the folder "sources".

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