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  1. Join what has been split

      Yes, that's planned.
  2. New Boards - Help me out :)

    The spam in the profile section came from here, it was migrated. I will disable that block anyways later, but XenForo also has a SpamCleaner Tool which can do exactly such things (though I have not run them after the last import.   Removing users with 0 posts is not a good idea, as quite a few register to follow and download attachments without ever posting. But removing users with 0 posts who have not logged in for a year or so is a good idea.
  3. Join what has been split

      I doubt they will join with us
  4. Join what has been split

    As you should all know by now, we're moving the forum to a new forum software soon (XenForo), so we can all have a fast forum with proper editor again.   The importer is already working pretty well, so we're almost ready to go. It will still take a few weeks (I still need to finish the themes, implement the Wiki, etc.) as I don't want to hurry, I want it to be thoroughly tested and working.   However, I thought to myself: With Craig gone for a while now and the former GP32x slowly dying now: Why not try to rejoin both boards again? Join what has been split. Let GP32x be archived here rather than being left alone in the dark. Many of the early members from here came from GP32 anyways, so why not merge their accounts as well?   So I did a test-import and created an example how this could work: I joined the forums, included the Pandora / Offtopic / Development threads from GP32x into the ones from our boards and tried to properly include the other categories using tabs, so that the forums still stay clean.   You can take a look at the result here: http://www.pyra-handheld.com/boards/ You can use your user to logon, you can already do test posts or browse through the boards. (Just remember that this is just a test, everything you post there will be deleted when we're ready to migrate).   The question is: What do YOU think? Should we rejoin both boards?   Please vote and discuss.
  5. The RetroPi

    Still the only thing left for me is to finish the video... but I am lacking some time right now.   I WILL go live this year, I'll force myself to that!
  6. https problem in qupzilla

    Are you running the latest firnware? An older one doesn't have the latest certificates.
  7. The nub is not working .

    Yep, pretty sure some game or emulator set it to joystick mode and then crashed so it didn't change them back to mouse mode.
  8. New Boards - Help me out :)

    As mentioned, your permissions have not been fixed, so you mightrun into all kinds of weirdness
  9. New Boards - Help me out :)

    Search cache rebuilt, search should work now.
  10. New Boards - Help me out :)

        I know what I need to change there (I did that after the first import and it worked), I just didn't want to redo it after every test import.   It seems the latest one (which I just finished) has worked pretty fine, so I'll fix permissions tonight, install some addons, clean up some more stuff and make notes of everything.   Once everything is setup and working fine, we will do the real migration
  11. New Boards - Help me out :)

      Nope, I already made a new testing import and didn't change the permissions afterwards. Youi should now have access.
  12. New Boards - Help me out :)

    Yeah, haven't finished the theme yet, stuff like that still needs to change  
  13. New Boards - Help me out :)

    Thanks for the info Already fixed by the developers, I need to do a new import tonight (those guys are faaaaast :D)
  14. New Boards - Help me out :)

      And now the insanity continues: This has been changed with the update to 4.1 With 4.0, it was different, that's why THOSE quotes had been imported correctly.   So instead of updating the old stuff in the database, they just seem to add compatibility layers, so the database is a wild mixture of 3.4, 4.0 and 4.1 and the forum code handles that it is being displayed correctly.... Jesus Christ!   But the XenForo team already fixed all the bugs we mentioned here, so it's soon time for another new import
  15. New Boards - Help me out :)

      I don't think so, but I'm not sure that's really that important.