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  1. Live discussion of the prototype run

    Bear in mind that it was a long time between the Pandora prototype board and shipping the final finished product. Let's not get too excited.   D.  
  2. Destroy him my robots!

    Runs fine in Chrome here.   D.  
  3. Amiga Racer

    Yeah, I appreciate that it's just the work of one guy, in his spare time and therefore can't be held up to the likes of such powerhouses as the Lotus series or Jaguar, but that sort of thing would drive me nuts if I were the author and it'd be fixed bloody quickly. The engine itself appears competent though.   D.  
  4. Amiga Racer

    Jesus, that looks awful. Look at the white halo around the trees in the first screenshot. And around the car in the shot to the right of the first image. Does nobody pay any attention to detail anymore?    D.  
  5. Join what has been split

      There you go. And my dissenting opinion is that I think that the old forums smelled bad.   D.  
  6. You did? Wow, maybe I should start reading your posts   D.  
  7. 32c3 Talk. Need a bit of support

    Only mention Craig in a negative sense. And impress upon the audience that the Pyra is going to succeed (As would any other project) due to his absence.   D.  
  8. Destroy him my robots!

    I'm ashamed to say that I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do   D.  
  9. Pyra-tan?

      1. Yes they did, that's why we're having this discussion. 2. It is sordid. There's only one possible reason for drawing little girls in sexually mature clothing, or with adult proportions. 3. Pyra-tan is being proposed for the same reasons that Pandora-tan was. I agree with intent, but "the road to hell" and all that.   D.  
  10. Pyra-tan?

      That was the most extreme, but neither of the images posted so far are acceptable as the face of the Pyra (nor were they acceptable for the Pandora) for the reasons I stated. You might like to look at those sorts of images. There's nothing wrong with that, what goes on in the privacy of your own head is your affair. There were many, many others in the original GP2X forum that were as bad.   I suspect that the "Amen" was agreeing with my reasoning. By creating and distributing these images you're promoting the idea that females are here to serve and pleasure males. And that is wrong.   D.
  11. Pyra-tan?

    I'm fairly certain that I recall one pandora-tan which, in an effort to add a keyboard to her (as that is a distinguishing feature of the pandora) the author added breasts - one for each key on the keyboard. Can't find the original thread, but it really was pathetic.   And if that's not sexually orientated, I don't know what is.   Sexism and the objectification of women is unacceptable, not because it's wrong in and of itself, but because it teaches males that women are there for their use and gratification. A woman may act like a total slut when in private with a man that she has chosen to be with, but that's her choice - the male does not dictate how she should dress or behave. By removing the onslaught of media-based and societal sexism, we can start to teach young males that women may choose to do whatever they want, and they will grow up to be responsible adults that are not a threat to females.    By creating images of women in clothing of dubious utility, with unrealistic proportions and attitudes that are plainly there to serve men, we're sending the wrong message and preventing women from taking their place in society as our equals. They've been fighting for this for many decades now, and it's time we started to support them rather than view them merely as things to take pleasure in.   D.  
  12. Pyra-tan?

    I've argued this point before on these boards on a number of occasions - these images do nothing for the community or the image of geeks worldwide. Why do they have to be women? Why do they have such immature or unrealistic bodies? Why are their clothes either overtly "schoolgirl" or overtly sexual?   It really speaks volumes about the men that want this kind of thing. And even worse, they want to turn a piece of tech into something underage that they can shag. That's really worrying.   D.  
  13. Forum software switch...

    Yeah, the lack of BBCode is worrying. I tried to post with image tags, but had to resort to attaching the image instead. Other than that, I think the editor appears (so far) to be better than the last one.   Still not a patch on old-style forums (I quite like SimpleMachines atm, and my own SpecBAS forum runs on PhpBB). Why do they insist that it needs to be a miniature social network? All we need is somewhere to post messages in groups with occasional pm facilities.    D.  
  14. Forum software switch...

      Oh, that's just perfect - ta!   D.