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  1. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Battle zone was freed a while ago !   

    There's no source code, it's just a patch and a download of the original installers. This happened a while ago.

  2. ZXDunny added a post in a topic SDLPoP   

    Wasn't one of Notaz's recent upgrades responsible for getting https availability on the Pandora? ISTR that I had this problem too a few months ago, and I've not had it since.

  3. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Ram Poll.   

    Hell no, I'm sure people know who they are and I certainly don't include you, ptitSeb or Sebt3 either. It's rare to see a port now that hasn't had some love and attention wrt the Pandora's uniqueness, but I vividly recall a huge rash of ports that made no effort whatsoever beyond a simple "make all" with minor source changes to get it to build. There was a piece of software released very recently that even used the keyboard when perfectly decent controls were available... But anyway:

    The Pyra will be hugely more powerful. Many Pandora ports were tuned for that platform because they didn't perform well with the sub-par SOC we had to endure. With the effort that took, porting authors gained a better insight into how the game or application worked, and very often added little extras to make the Pandora version stand out - it was not a great deal of bother after the initial optimisation needed.

    With the Pyra though, pretty much anything will run at full speed without issues. There won't be any need to get into the guts of the source and there won't be anything like the incentive to customise it to the platform. Hence, I expect that with a few exceptions there will be quite a lot of ports that require keyboard use when it's not necessary or will run in a window rather than full screen... You get the idea.

    I suppose we shall see?

  4. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Linux suggestions?   

    That's why I run Debian when I need Linux. I still have Slack installed on an old lappy, but I grew bored of constantly living in the shell and a text editor. However much of a baptism of fire it was though, I found Debian to be an absolute breeze later on entirely thanks to the experience I had with Slack.

  5. ZXDunny added a post in a topic text adventure recommendtions   

    Speaking of Adam Cadre, I've got a great fondness for his very short but ultimately very satisfying 9:05

  6. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Ram Poll.   

    Yeah, like happened with the Pandora? We had to suffer through hundreds and hundreds of drive-by ports with little or no optimisation or customisation for the Pandora's hardware - even now we're getting ports that don't use the face buttons or shoulders properly, don't bother to put the nubs into joystick mode when appropriate etc, because the guy porting it is too lazy to care, and only wants to be the one to have "ported" (if you can call it that).

    You think the Pyra will be any different? If anything the situation will be worse.

  7. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Linux suggestions?   

    Last time I installed was this year - I run Debian on a couple of boxes. That particular time which you're referring to was Slackware in 2013

  8. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Linux suggestions?   

    You've pretty much summed up why I would not recommend a Linux desktop to somebody that basically browses the web and sends emails in between some work in MS Office. 

    Don't get me wrong - Linux is great fun to use and as I said, when you have things configured just right and the filesystem nicely cleaned up you really do have a much more personalised experience than you get with the deeply impersonal Windows flavours. But it's the amount of work needed to learn how to configure everything and get things installed (and the figure out exactly what you need to install in the first place) that will be the biggest stumbling block for Windows users - it was for me, and I'm probably a tad more capable than those folks mentioned at the start of this post.

    And to PowerGod: I can run Win95 on my Panasonic CF-41 (24MB RAM, 486 DX2 50MHz CPU) just fine, but there are no distros of Linux that will run on it... Unless I boot into MS-DOS first and then LOADLIN after installing the MS cdrom driver... And even then Linux takes up so much of the system's resources that I can't start X at all - whereas Win95 runs a desktop without any hitches

  9. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Linux suggestions?   

    I only installed Linux so I could learn how it works - it's not really ready for everyday desktop use just yet, especially not if you compare to Win7. Be prepared for all sorts of malarky with trying to find an application that does what you want intuitively, or does the same thing as the Windows equivalent - the free, built-by-hobbyists nature of most applications means that there are usually glaring compatibility errors or somesuch pretty much every day.

    The best part of Linux is tinkering to get it set up, spending hours on end in text editors changing config files or banging away in a shell getting everything set up just so until you like it. It gives you a sense of real ownership knowing that it's tailored just how you like it. 

    Then you go off an do something like browse the web and realise that the fonts aren't quite right and so you spend another three hours figuring out what's wrong with it, and it's not the fonts but the actual font smoothing that's at fault... And so on, and so on.

    I love it, but it's not for everybody.

  10. ZXDunny added an answer to a question Disable Post Count in Off-Topic or all together   

    At least replies to the threads there aren't treated as new answers... Unlike here. This very post is considered an answer!

  11. ZXDunny added a post in a topic How can we make this place more fun?   

    As I said elsewhere, EAB's forum has two "new content" links - one for the main (Amiga) forum and one for posts in the off-topic area. That would probably make it much more fun for me at least - if I'm looking for Pandora or new software news then I'm not going to have to wade through two pages of self-absorbed new-age bollocks before I find it.

    And if I am in the mood for the hippy shit then I have a link to go to for that too.

  12. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Ram Poll.   

    Mrs Cake is a well-known psychic with rather excellent precognition abilities. If she's being taken roughly down a dark alley, it's because she bloody well wants to be there.

  13. ZXDunny added a post in a topic The glasses mafia in France   

    I recently got two pairs of glasses for about £40/pair, and they're proper glass with anti-glare coatings etc.

  14. ZXDunny added a post in a topic Any way to get started on Pyra development without an OMAP 5?   

    PandaBAS - that will really fly on the Pyra.

  15. ZXDunny added an answer to a question Disable Post Count in Off-Topic or all together   

    One of the boards that I visit (EAB, the English Amiga Board) has a neat way to defeat the pollution of the main board with off-topic posts - instead of offering a "View new content" link, they have "new posts" and "new off-topic posts" links. This allows people who are there to get help or are there for the Amiga chat to get a concise list without off-topic cruft.

    Post counts are still available and there's literally zero spamming for post counts - and the boards are really active. 

    Might be worth thinking about? We have filters here but there's one real problem with that - a new user is unlikely to filter before they start reading.