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  1. Ze_ro added a post in a topic Is there a 3DO emulator for OP?   

    It really wasn't. Phillips was aiming it at the "multimedia" phenomenon that everyone seemed to think was imminent. It was meant for encyclopedias and interactive educational stuff, for people who were scared of computers. Pulling off simple games was a handy side effect, and they only really started a push for real games after it was obvious that multimedia was a pipe dream outside of the PC world.

    Considering what the system was, it's actually fairly impressive that they managed to do what they did (Check out "Atlantis: The Last Resort"). I mean, this thing was basically a half-step up from DVD menus. One thing that the system did do VERY well was FMV games like Dragon's Lair and Mad Dog McCree... of course, these are pretty simple games, and their main trick played right into the CD-i's strength. The digital video cartridge made for the best home versions of these games until the DVD releases came out almost a decade later.

  2. Ze_ro added a post in a topic Will the 1ghz units replace the standard model in the future?   

    Out of curiousity, would 1GHz motherboards ever be available separately in the future, as a drop-in replacement for the old motherboards? Would Pandora 2 motherboards (whatever they end up being) be a drop-in replacement?

    I haven't gotten my Pandora yet, but I've been considering paying the extra for the upgrade, but the main thing holding me back is the thought that I might actually get my regular slow Pandora faster than an upgraded one... just wondering if upgrading in the future is a possible scenario.

  3. Ze_ro added a post in a topic ... and production still is reliable and moving forward :) (2012-05-11)   

    I just want my god damned little computer. I don't care if the colour matches my personality.

    New colour is more durable? Sounds great to me.

  4. Ze_ro added a post in a topic How much more until the first batch is fininshed shipped? 2008 order here.   

    I hope there's at least an announcement after all the pre-orders have been sent out. I haven't gotten any official Pandora emails since 2009, which sort of makes me worry a bit.

  5. Ze_ro added a post in a topic Minimig anyone?   

    Wow, that is looking pretty awesome... I remember looking at this years back when it was still a pie-in-the-sky kind of project like Natami, and didn't think anything would come of it! That price tag is awfully high though... at half the price, I'd consider it, but €650? Ouch.

    Keep in mind that the Amiga core for the C-One is nothing more than a port of the Minimig core... so you're not really going to get anything extra out of the C-One. The board has some nifty extra features like floppy drive and IDE ports, but the thing was plagued with design problems that prevented actually using most of them. I was on the mailing list for the C-One, trying to keep track of when the software got to the point where things became usable, but they basically gave up on most of those capabilities, and the ones that did work usually required hardware modifications. I was rather disappointed with that.

  6. Ze_ro added a post in a topic Minimig anyone?   

    I think the main problem is that there really aren't a lot of FPGA programmers in the emulation scene. When you look into a lot of the projects out there, it's just one guy writing the core in his spare time... meanwhile, you have huge, mature, open-source projects like VICE and UAE competing against them. While it may seem that FPGA's are closer to being the real hardware, the fact is that they still have bugs and compatibility problems like any software emulator.

    If you really want the best Amiga compatibility, WinUAE is lightyears ahead of Minimig.

  7. Ze_ro added a post in a topic Minimig anyone?   

    For a long time, I was really interested in getting a C-One, thinking that FPGA's would be the end-all, be-all for old computers. Unfortunately, due to hardware bugs and lack of a development scene, it never really got to where I hoped it would. It was also very expensive. All in all, it would have been far easier and more effective to just build a PC and run emulators instead.

    The Minimig sort of falls into the same niche.... it's a really neat idea, and I love the idea of what is essentially hardware emulation... but what benefit is there over running UAE on a laptop? Is this any more of a "real" Amiga?

    Oh man, the Amiga community would be all over that! Not sure if you could really make it affordable though.

    There has been some talk in the Amiga scene about a PowerPC nettop that could run Amiga OS 4... basically it would be a rebranded LimePC Z9 (due to the stupid way their site is designed, I can't link directly to the page I want to. Click on the Right Arrow next to "LimePC N10Y", then on "LimePC Z9" to see the specs). They were talking somewhere in the range of $300-500 (This would include an Amiga OS 4 license), which I would be very open to.

  8. Ze_ro added a post in a topic Talking to the GPIO's on the EXT-connector   

    Wouldn't something that does this through USB make a lot more sense? Then you could use it on other devices (like your computer) as well.

  9. Ze_ro added a post in a topic Dev on a mac   

    Shouldn't information like this be on the main Pandora site? Since one of the main selling points is that it's an open system that anyone can develop for, I would think there should be a whole section on openpandora.org describing how to set up a toolchain in all three major OS's, and links to some SDL tutorials and whatnot.

    I'm not a Mac person, but I'm actually a little disappointed that Craig gave up on Mac so quickly and went with Linux... I would think if anything, he should do what he can get to a cross compiler set up and running, and then document what he had to do on his own web site.

  10. Ze_ro added a post in a topic More numbers, late again :) (2011 - 04 - 05)   

    Are the newer OMAP's backwards compatible? Assuming the next Pandora sticks with this family of products, would it be safe to say that it'll run software for the original Pandora, or would everything have to be recompiled?
  11. Ze_ro added a post in a topic What app / game do you want to see? :)   

    Sort of a generic request... but seeing more of the actual user interface for these emulators would be nice. I mean, it's good to see a selection of MSX games, but I fully expect them to all work perfectly. I'm more curious as to what options the emulator has and what it's file browser is like and stuff like that.

    Also, I second the request for an Atari ST video.

  12. Ze_ro added a post in a topic flash video player?   

    Has anyone looked into porting Lightspark? It was featured on Slashdot a while back, and though it's still pretty early in development, it seemed like a more modern replacement for Gnash.