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  1. Worth picking up a Playstation TV?

    Bought it last weekend, was lying around for 10 bucks at a local electronic store > already on the way out again. Only works with a PS controller (which I don't have, borrowed one for a quick test) and has only 1 GB of internal memory, which means most of the demos that are available are only installable if you buy a memory card. Game catalogue isn't very big either. Was my first "plunge" into the PSN - store,at least the implementation on the Vita/PS TV is horrible, very unintuitive, bad lucidity, even searching is cumbersome > even Nintendos eshop is better in that regard. But to be fair, I wasn't really objective anymore after 10min of using it, especially the question everytime after "buying" (it was free) something (even if it was some stupid skin) wether I want so share it or not really got me on the fence. Not even interested in it as a cheap DLNA - Player, Max output is 1080i and no CEC support
  2. It would be nice if you could test: Archmedian Dynasty ( Terra Nova - Strike Force Centauri ( Earthsiege ( Others I could think of, but my personal interest in them is rather low: Magic Carpet 1 & 2 ( Bioforge ( Subwar 2050 ( thanks !  
  4. New Boards - Help me out :)

    I see the same thing, but only if I click on the Pandora/pyra logo at the top (after having successfully logged in)   
  5. Refugee Situation in Europe

    Even all those small local rags are all controlled by "the parties", and police reports are also censored, and both companies, Lidl and Aldi are also not allowed (by whom btw. also the parties ?) not give any reports about this? What about the taz ? Its the most leftist, "selfowned" newspaper thats widely available, also controlled? What about newspapers in other contries ? If they even report an eviction that was triggered by the current situation, wouldn't they be really interested if a supermarket that was looted by refugees. I guess they are all also controlled ?  
  6. Refugee Situation in Europe

    Why on earth would you think that ? There surely will be nothing coming from Germany, Madame chancellor was raised "konfuzius - style" by her political father > "just wait, and everything will be fine", but (as he was in his last years), she is now in a situation were she is actually forced to act, and consequences of her actions are showing up rather quickly. And the result is, that it clearly shows, that she has no plan at all, as she only can act on instinct. On a more supranational level: Western/Nato states faired with (North)African countries for several hundreds years to their liking, killing millions either directly, or indirectly: war, proxy wars, creating borders to their liking  ,destabilizing goverments/regions , destroing local markets through subsidising non local products, or high import taxes (in western countries) for local products, hell, they even accomplished to turn something genuine "humane" like donating clothes into something that harms the "african" economy. All this is going on for so long, and nobody ever thought that this may fire back and some point, why should that change suddenly ?
  7. Privacy

    Ok then, I guess we can just simply agree that we have a different pov in that matter. Still I feel the need to clarify:I don't think that you should be (legally) held accountable for your friends action. But on a societal level, I think the old rule should still be valid: "you are free to do what you want, as long as you don't impair the freedom of others". But this means responsibility to avoid/prevent actions that would counter that, which in turns leads to some form of "punishment" if you fail to do that willing or unwillingly. Unfortunately most people nowadays are so self centered that they are unable to see beyond their own wants and needs so they don't care about. Which lead me to the conclusion, that a lot of people that use social media are actually showing anti social behavior.
  8. Privacy

    The first problem I have with your analogy is that from my point of view, this only applies to the beginning of the current big data trend. My version of your analogy would be: You gave your friend your car key the first time, and everything went fine. You gave your friend the car key a second time and he got a speeding ticket, you weren't very happy about it, but did not bother very much. You give it to him a third time, and again he gets a speeding ticket again, this time you also get to know that he was intoxicated while driving your car. this goes on and on till at some point, you give your friend the car keys again and he drives off. 10 min later he stops at your house, you look at your car and you see that he has several other people in the car. He tells you that some of these people are friends of him, and some of them are total strangers, but they pay him money. And he also asks you whether it is ok for you if he is borrowing your car to those people when he sees fit. And all you do is nodding, while he drives away. Are you not to blame too, at least in some way ?  For the second problem I see, I want to expand your analogy a little bit further. Substitute the speeding tickets with collision, preferably with cars in your direct neighborhood (=friends and family) > he always crashes into cars from your neighbors while driving off, but you don't care much about it because your got this big bullbars (and a lot of ignorance). Wouldn't it be understandable if your neighbors would ask you whether this is a good idea or not ?  
  9. Privacy

    You know exactly why, its free and they got nothing to hide...and they aren't able to see beyond their own nose. 
  10. Privacy

    Huh, so all the tracking facebook, Google, MS, etc. are doing nowadays has nothing to do with analyzing people so they can either sell that data or to use that in other products and services to make money, but was all "invented" because they did know that governments would some day want to forcefully gain access to that data thus hurting peoples trust in those companies ? For what reason ?   Edit: sorry, missed the vital "..and corporations" part of your post Edit #2: I am with xno..., its consumers that accepted these business models in the beginning (its free, why not (?)) - so if the majority of consumers accepts a certain business strategy, why should a company not build upon that ?  
  11. Forum software switch...

    an, thats why my avater pic is gone
  12. A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    try to increase red, I got a real nice (at least in my opinion) dark orange tone mixed with a dark purple on my Halo Reach Multiplayerarmor
  13. If one does not need to activate the E-Mail, why bother asking for one ? My suggestion would be to make entering an E-Mail address a optional field in the process, and inform the user about the benefits entering an E-Mail adress will give him/her. Also warn the user that he won't be able to recover his account if he forgets the passwort. With that in mind the potential for "dead" accounts piling up is surely there, but the userbase will probably not that big, and you could reduce that pile every now and then with a job that deletes accounts that don't have an E-Mail and were not used for 6/12/18/? months (also hint at that during registration).   Do you have any plans on connecting your account management to other systems, like this board. Don't know if that is possible, but how about one could just use the credentials from this board to login ?
  14. What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Fell for the fall sale and bought "Never alone". Hadn't much time to play it, but currently its a rather mixed bag for me, while the idea is great and the game looks beautiful, the gameplay is rather dull currently > going right, jumping and some very minimalistic puzzle solving, like timing the jump with a gust of wind.
  15. The reasonable part of me says: that depends on your reasoning behind it, what security measures you have in place to protect that data. The non reasonable part says NO!