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  1. Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

    Wow. That is really impressive. I like it a lot. So ut has the same features as png? But saves 1/3rd of the size and has better progressive display properties? Sell it to google ;-)
  2. "Marshall London" Smartphone from the Amp Company

    Looks sexy. But I think they should rather have done some kind of pocket dsp with effectsrack and recording abilityinstead of an outdated smartphone.
  3. cheap projector

    Those images are hilarious.
  4. Port Requests

    Does the compiler in codeblocks support it?
  5. Oolite

  6. No. And readyboost is a really misleading name for what it really does. It could only speed up swapping as USB is flash memory that is faster accessable than slow hdds. If you have a ssd it will slow down your system tremendously.
  7. Port Requests

    Well, he knows how to type make into a terminal. That's a lot more than he was able to three years ago ;-)
  8. 2015 Hacker SBC Survey Results

    Community support and availability is everything with these boards.
  9. YouTube @ 8K resolution

    Have to try that on my pc at work. Let's see if octacore xeon is up to the job...
  10. The case and the keymat

    From the rendered picture it looks like the gamingbuttons will also be included into the rubber mat? Are they made from rubber or solid plastic? I would prefer the second!
  11. It might be possible to get this java steam stream stuff running. I's called limelight or something and has an embedded client already running on the raspberry pi. It uses x264 compression but might be playable with an sd resolution videostream.
  12. OMAP5432 gcc compilation flags

    You can use the same as for Pandora. Neonfpu and armv7
  13. Adventure game

    An error message from the compiler would be of help.
  14. The big problem with this is, that you will not have access to all the hardwarefeatures like GLES accelertion, DSP, Hardwarebuttons and Joysticks, SDL HW scaling etc. Those are the things that make the Pandora different than any other Linux distro.
  15. PanMAME is not working.

    There could be a warning if it cannot find any roms at startup but you can also see this error when you look at the pnd run out file in /tmp I think.