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  1. I want to make a backup of the configuration files, so I can restore the desktop (panel, background, etc) in case I mess up. I am used to KDE and all settings are stored under .kde4/ . But my Xfce settings don't seem to be stored anywhere in my home. I looked in .gconfd , .gconf , .gnome2 , but they don't look like they have much. What files should I backup?
  2. Regarding the nice box, I suggest you still have a message inside "Pandora's Box has been opened.", as in the official boxes. It was the coolest thing to find that, when I lifted the box lid.
  3. bad touch screen area

    Happy ending to the saga. Link replaced the faulty screen under warranty. Ultra-precise touch now.   Happy as a dandy.
  4. Using Pandora as primary device?

      @Askarus, thanks for your list.  Do you care to elaborate on the DisplayLink? I found many types on Amazon and I am not which one would apply.  I was thinking I needed the TV-out cable to be able to connect to projectors, but this may be better, or not?
  5. Trade for a Pandora, GBAX reboot, CC units.

    I recommend having a steady field of top menu options either at the top or on the left, so we don't need to scroll all the way back up to see them.
  6. Pandora community on Google+

    KodeIn nailed it.  It is about exposure and increasing our social media footprint. I have a few followers that are consistently plussing my OpenPandora posts. If more people buy units, everybody wins.
  7. Pandora community on Google+

    Thanks for starting the G+ community!
  8. bad touch screen area

    I am reporting back on my faulty touch screen issue.   It took me almost a month to perform the re-seating of the screen cable, because I wanted to do it in the electronics shop of the university to be absolutely sure it was done right. In the meantime, I kept using the Pandora with the nubs and I noticed the screen problem increasing and the affected area spreading from the original rectangle in front of the speaker board. Now almost every area of the screen would sometimes respond correctly and other times have this shift to the right.   Earlier this week I had time to go to the shop and the technician very carefully (!) pulled out the cable, cleaned the contacts, air-blasted the socket, and re-seated the cable. I was watching and he used the utmost care.    Unfortunately, it made no difference. The screen still shows randomly a position bias with the stylus, even after repeated calibrations. Since nobody else seems to have had this problem and the problem got worse, I think it is a faulty cable.
  9. bad touch screen area

    OK, thanks.  I will report back after doing it.
  10. bad touch screen area

    Thanks for the hint, Gotwake.   I found the video about the screen really intimidating. Opening up the case seems less so (no messing with the antenna). I will give it a try.   To clarify, re-seating means just pulling it out, air-blasting, and pushing it back in, right? 
  11. bad touch screen area

    New chapter in this saga.   When Link received my unit for repair, all 3 top clips were off. They got unhinged during shipping. He clipped them back and the unit tested OK. But during shipping back, despite it being protected by a large package, the same 3 clips got unhinged again. My suspicion is that the unhinging was caused by the screws not being tight, since I had forgotten to re-tighten them after my test described in post #5 above.   So, I clipped them back, but the problem returned. I tightened the screws and there is almost no difference. The affected area seems a bit larger now.   I made 2 videos to show the defective area and the good area of the screen. Here is the first one showing the problem in centre bottom area (no sound): And here is one showing how the touchscreen works well in the top area (no sound):   The same problem happens with the stylus or my finger and I am only applying a mild pressure. It also happens in all applications and games.   I did notice a small gap on the bottom part of the bezel (as shown here ), but unlike in that case pressing on the bezel there does not help.   Any more ideas?
  12. bad touch screen area

    All clips are clipped in. I tried to push them further, but nothing moved. They seem really well mounted. I tried to take a picture, but the focus turned out bad:   The screen looks flat, but the problem continues.
  13. bad touch screen area

    Thanks Thatgui. The video taught me two things. One, I am afraid of handling the screen. The small things look really tricky and I think I would break a couple of units before my clumsy hands get the hang of it. It also clearly showed that the problem area is right in front of the speaker board.   So I think the problem is not related with contact issues in the LCD cable, but is more related with interference with the speaker board. I looked against the light and I noticed a little bit of bulging of the screen, so I loosened up the screws, as ED recommended. Now, if I touch very gently with the stylus, the touch screen reacts correctly one time out of three or so.    Since the screws now are barely holding the frame and I cannot see any bulge anymore, this is as far as my repair skills can go a the moment. I think I will contact ED and Link and see if they can help.
  14. bad touch screen area

    No dirt. I have this Pandy for one week and it is still pristine.  The screen mount looks perfectly flat and snug, there is no gap and nothing is loose. I recalibrated the touchscreen a few times, but the central calibration point is well above the problematic area.   The problem area is so well defined that it looks to me like this interference issue described by ED:   Can you guide me on how to reseat the LCD cable?
  15. My touch screen has a rectangular area that misbehaves. If we set the lower left corner as (0,0), the rectangle is between (4.5,0) cm and (7,2.5) cm. If I touch the screen inside this area, the pointer is displaced by approx. 3 cm to the right.  Out side this area the touch screen is good and very accurate.