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  1. As an educational device?

    It's a nice idea, but speaking as someone who has been involved in the English education system for over 12 years the device is probably too expensive. Plus you have the issue that it's being marketed largely as a game device which would put teachers off. I see the benefits in trying to get students into programming, but to be honest they'd be better off investing in the Raspberry Pi.
  2. Is that true or just speculation?
  3. How to subscribe to threads?

    If you go into the settings on your profile you can set notification options where I think it allows you to set-up your email preferences.
  4. Spot on! Rather than dwelling on what has happened in the past, lets use this as an opportunity for the community to pull together and work together on putting things right.
  5. Glad to hear it! I'm still hoping for my cross upgrade before Christmas.
  6. Any songs literally give you goosebumps..

    Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child The video was shot at their final ever UK gig at the Milton Keynes Bowl where they played the track live for the first time. I was one of the 60,000 people there and it was my birthday too.
  7. The bottom line is that more Pandora's need to be sold in order for the current situation to be rectified. None of this is really helping anyone, if I was a potential customer coming to the boards for the first time I'd run a mile after reading this thread. What's done is done and no amount of arguing and trying to place blame is going to change that. I really hope Craig and ED can sit down and work through their differences. With everything this project has had to go through to get this far, it would be a crying shame to see it end like this. Just remember that this project is far more than just the hardware, it's about the community too.
  8. Konix emulator released!!!

    Wow that's pretty cool, I was reading about this system the other day in Retro Gamer. Looking through the readme file included with the emulator the author does mention releasing the source once the emulation is more complete. Maybe we could see a Pandora port sometime in the not too distant future.
  9. How to promote the Pandora?

    Now that I've got my Pandora on the way I'm toying with the idea of setting up a blog. I'd post general news about the Pandora, review games / apps and put together some guides for questions that are frequently asked on the forums such as flashing the unit and setting up emulators etc. I know it's not much, but it would be a little bit more exposure for the Pandora. Thoughts?
  10. Well you can reduce Craig's pre-order queue by one! I've finally decided to bit the bullet and I've just upgraded my pre-order over at ED's shop. With a bit of luck I should have my Pandora by Christmas.
  11. front-end for emus

    I used MAMEWAH years ago, I don't think it's been updated much recently though.
  12. Emails to remaining preorders.

    I think there was a problem with the formatting of my email address or something which prevented the original email from going through. When I originally spoke to Craig I told him I'd like to upgrade and he said he'd email when the units were ready. I've checked my spam folder and there isn't anything in there so I've sent Craig a PM and we'll see what happens. I'm a bit tempted just to bite the bullet and order from ED's shop despite the slightly higher price as he has units in stock. I could have my until within a week that way.
  13. Emails to remaining preorders.

    Thanks for that WizardStan. I spoke to Craig via PM as I didn't get the first email, but it seems I haven't got the second email either. I'll drop him another PM and ask him to check my email details again. Cheers again for clearing everything up.
  14. Emails to remaining preorders.

    I read that post and my question isn't about the tax, it's about the difference in upgrade prices. I can upgrade for 375 Euros (about £305) via ED's shop here: What I want to know is where the other price has come from and if I am eligible for it. The price with tax being quoted is $420 ($350 + $70 tax) which works out at around £260 which is £45 less than the price being quoted at ED's shop. I'm pretty sure that EU rules state that you pay the tax in the country of purchase so regardless of me being in the UK the 19% tax rate (or $420 upgrade price) would stand.