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  1. OUYA Review

      You seem to be equating having enough money to blow on a PS4 with being "serious" about gaming (I think it's funny when people use the term 'serious' when talking about gaming in the first place.  Let's not forget they are, at the end of the day, games.).  I likely won't have the money for a PS4 until long after it's released.  Does that mean I enjoy gaming any less than the next gamer?   Growing up my family didn't have an NES or SNES, but I'll tell you right now I was glued to every display model I saw and played at friends' houses every chance I got.   I just hate this idea that people who don't blow a ton of money on the latest system, CPU/GPU, the latest and greatest brand-new game or whatever, whether by choice or by virtue of not HAVING said money, are somehow second-class citizens in the gaming world and take it less serious (again...  They are GAMES.).   Anyway, end of rant.  I love my Ouya.  
  2. [FOR SALE] CC Pandora + Extra Battery

    I'm willing to be flexible on price to an extent, so if anyone is interested, PM me an offer.  
  3. [FOR SALE] CC Pandora + Extra Battery

      Hah, I think it's unlikely that anyone would want my signature, but I'd be happy to sign it.     And I'm not going too far...  I'll definitely be back if there's ever a Pandora 2.  
  4. Ouya - Android based open gaming console

    Yeah.  I'm surprised I got mine as quickly as I did, as I was towards the very end of the queue (or so I thought).
  5. Ouya - Android based open gaming console

    Got mine today too.    Pretty cool so far.  Now to finish porting Vertex Blaster (Super Geometry Dust)...  
  6. [FOR SALE] CC Pandora + Extra Battery

      I'm afraid so (unless I got someone else to test for me).  I've just moved on to other things, and have little free time (my wife and I have had two kids since I got a Pandora!).  So, I have to pick and choose what I spend my time on.  
  7. Hi everyone,   I'm selling my CC Pandora + extra battery.  This is the one I made Super Geometry Dust on, if that adds (or detracts) any value for you...       Looking to get $350 or so for the unit + extra battery.  It's been fun but I really haven't been part of the Pandora community itself for many months now - I'm sure I'll be back if there's a Pandora 2 though.     It's in great shape overall, although it does have a very small crack in the plastic around the hinge like many of the early units had (shown in the second picture).  It came that way though, does note affect the tightness of the hinge at all, and has not gotten worse since I got it; so I think it's just cosmetic.   I've never had any problem overclocking this unit to 1GHz, even a little beyond that (only ever did it to try a couple games/emulators, though).   I'll pay shipping to continental US; if you're outside the US let me know and we can make arrangements.   PM me if you're interested.  Thanks!    
  8. I'm thinking I'll probably get the Shield and wait a few weeks to see if anyone gets the software working on 5xx series cards.
  9. Yeah.  I currently have a GTX 580, was thinking of upgrading to a 670.  Beats out the 580 by a healthy margin in most tests I've seen (not all though).
  10. Keyboarding shouldn't be an issue seeing as Android has perfectly usable software keyboards built-in.  Sure it'll be awkward using it on the screen, but that's still far better than lugging around a little bluetooth kb in my opinion.  I'm pretty excited about this thing, even at $350.    Only thing that stinks is my GPU isn't new enough to do the streaming....
  11. Super Geometry Dust

      I'm in the process of doing that now, actually.  
  12.   I think it's naive to assume that the people who want more power are only doing it to show off.  The thought of playing the latest PC games on a tablet while laying on the couch (or anywhere else for that matter) is pretty appealing to me, as is the concept of having a unified device for mobile gaming, tablet uses, as well as a desktop replacement.   It's fine if people don't use Windows as their OS of choice (I don't use it as mine), but it's dumb to write it off completely and act like it's an altogether bad choice for anyone and everyone.   I get what you're saying though - people that would be interested in this thing are probably in the minority on these boards.  
  13. Ouya - Android based open gaming console

    You can also go to the store and buy google play and/or itunes cards with cash, and apply those to your itunes/GP accounts, eliminating the need for a CC or bank info.   Hopefully Ouya offers something similar, or they make it clear on the box that you need a CC to use it.
  14. Anyone tried the new Tomb Raider?

    I beat it last week, I absolutely loved it!  My only real complaint was the final boss - I didn't even realize that's what I was fighting and beat it on my first try.  Kind of anticlimactic in that regard since you beat the boss and then that's it.    I can see the similarities to Uncharted, but for whatever reason I don't care for the Uncharted games at all.  I loved this though.  Has a completely different feel/tone IMO.
  15. Hey, Did Anyone Get The New Tomb Raider?

    I played a few hours of it last night - it's fantastic!         Well this game is a reboot of the series, so there are no gaps to explain.