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  1. Get ready to rumble!

    pre pre order completed    104 now showing as being left at 22:25 Uk time.  
  2. DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    @thatgui I am also playing prof Leyton and Pandoras box. Not noticed any glitches, but not far into game yet. Are u using single screen or two screen side by side? Running on classic Pandora clocked at 800mhz. Zaxxon 1.53 Really impressed with this emulator - thanks Exophase Grezm
  3. Pandora Boards Regulars

    Original first day preorderer. Luckily received my classic Pandora may 2011, just before CC stopped delivering. Have followed (lurked) the boards daily since preorder launch in 2008, but only rarely feel the need to post. Grezm
  4. Pingus Release

    Mr Rob, thanks for the solution. Now to try it - what is the best way to format an SD card as ext2 ( I am a linux newbie) Is it on the pandora itself or on a Windows/Linux pc? What commands do you need to run, Is there anything else to do other than format an SD card as Ext2 then copy the pnd to it? Any help would be appreciated
  5. Pingus Release

    hi there, much like scoobydoo, the game crashes back to thedesktop after any single level, on trying to start story mode and whenexiting the options screen. the level editor didnt crash though. pndrun output copied below, tken after game crashed following completion of level 1. my pandora has been flashed with hotfix 6 release. hope this helps to solve the crashes as it looks a really fun game. nb sd card is in slot 2, in case that helps ======================================================================================= PND : /media/YOSHIPACK_6/pandora/apps/pingus.0.7.5.pnd PND_FSTYPE : Squashfs APPDATADIR : /media/YOSHIPACK_6/pandora/appdata/pingus-mrrob APPDD_FSTYPE : vfat PND_CPUSPEED : <unset> EXENAME : pingus.exec ARGUMENTS : <unset> ======================================================================================= [ START ]--- Mount the PND ---------- Mounting : mount -t squashfs "/dev/loop0" "/mnt/utmp/pingus-mrrob" Mounting the Union FS : mount -t aufs -o exec,noplink,dirs="/media/YOSHIPACK_6/pandora/appdata/pingus-mrrob=rw+nolwh":"/mnt/pnd/pingus-mrrob=rr" none "/mnt/utmp/pingus-mrrob" [sUCCESS]--- Mount the PND ---------- [ START ]--- Starting the application (pingus.exec ) ---------- Welcome to Pingus 0.7.5! ======================== userdir: .//.pingus/ datadir: usr/share/pingus language: English (en) sound support: enabled music support: enabled fullscreen: 800x480 open /dev/sequencer or /dev/snd/seq: No such file or directory terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error' what(): .//.pingus/savegames/variables.scmcG17f8: Operation not permitted ./pingus.exec: line 9: 1225 Aborted LD_LIBRARY_PATH=usr/lib:usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi:mylib ./ "bin/pingus.bin" --datadir "usr/share/pingus" --fullscreen --fullscreen-resolution=800x480 --no-auto-scrolling [ FAILED]--- Starting the application (pingus.exec ) ---------- [ START ]--- Restoring the frame buffer status ---------- [sUCCESS]--- Restoring the frame buffer status ---------- [ START ]--- uMount the PND ---------- [ START ]--- Waiting the Union to be available ---------- [sUCCESS]--- Waiting the Union to be available ---------- rmdir: failed to remove `/mnt/utmp/pingus-mrrob': Device or resource busy [ START ]--- Waiting the PND mount dir to be free ---------- [sUCCESS]--- Waiting the PND mount dir to be free ---------- cleanup done [sUCCESS]--- uMount the PND ---------- ======================================================================================= Return code is : 4
  6. emulator fact sheets - from gp32x

    Really excellent work thanks for sharing :-)
  7. Slowed down again?

    Sorry Oct 1 2008 Grezm
  8. Shipping e-mail received this morning 9th May Original preorder 1st Oct 2008 @ 11:31 BST Hang on in there all those that are still waiting Grezm
  9. Slowed down again?

    @ KANIU Hang on in there, you should hear soon. I preordered 1st Oct @11:31 UK time and got my shipping e-mail this morning with delivery expected tomorrow. So you can't be far behind Good luck Grezm
  10. It's on its way!

    Hi, great news, could you please post your original order time/date and location. I am starting to see several people now posting that have a shipping email, that seem to have ordered after I did, My order was confirmed at 11.31 on 1st Oct 2008 (UK) from Craigs shop. Just getting a little worried that I may have been missed, but don't want to hassle the team, as I know they are very busy. thanks Grezm
  11. Have they missed me?

    Hi, my confirmed order time was 11:31am (UK) on Wed 1st Oct 2008 from Craigs shop. No idea what queue number, as I have never asked, No shipping e-mail here yet, should be soon now I hope. I have avoided hassling Jacquelyn, as they are v busy, and it will get sent when it gets sent. Just hang in there and keep faith. OP have done a great job getting this far, so the wait will be worth it. Grezm
  12. Hi All, first post on these new boards Flight Simulator maintenance engineer - currently working for Thales on RAF Tornado GR4 full size arcade game really !!!