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  1.   That would be cool I just started playing fallout 1 (follow the hype etc.) and I seems like a game that would be great on the train
  2. Absurdism corner

  3. A date with the Pyra

      Ha completely forgot the jaffa cake, you can say what you want about craigix but his videos were a lot of fun :)
  4. Absurdism corner

      A pre-bataclan shooting picture truly absurd events in paris this weekend :(
  5. A date with the Pyra

  6. As a programming novice I guess the most important thing is not discuss about in threads that could rival the keyboard discussions but for a relatively small group of people to lay down the basics for these systems. Some things that already popped up in these threads could/should be implemented (like the nub issue), and others could pick up some tasks (like the screen tearing). Its good to think about things but overthinking is not always favourable.   although you could say thats how the wheel was invented  
  7. A first look at the new keymat

    Nope super-resolution microscopy (on all sorts of biological samples)
  8. Get ready to rumble!

    Whoop pre-pre-ordered a pyra
  9. A first look at the new keymat

    wow 300 µm I'm more used to the 1µm to 1 nm scale  it's a huge gap!
  10. Keymat Sample Pictures!

  11. Waiting in October

    Uch... that DNA render, at least have some difference betweeen an AT and a GC pair.. 
  12. Waiting in October

    Very cool video Nice that somebody from the community was willing (and able) to run these tests. This community always amazes me...
  13. Parallel Production and new boards

    Whooo progress very curious about the keymats and the case form the mould.
  14. The Pyra is crying!