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  1. New Boards - Help me out :)

    I just noticed that the timestamps on imported quotes seem to be translated into literal strings instead of timestamps when imported.  the trouble with that being that some of them show up incorrectly as relative times. eg  "12 hours ago, Neelix said:"   Incidentally I still want the quotes to be timestamped, and XenForo doesn't seem to do that currently. Is that an option you can turn on?    -Neelix
  2. A possible PND-system replacement

    I thought the idea was to make the system as transparent as possible to the end user. (EDIT: and other software that might be dependent on it.) Theoretically then the exported run script should normally match the name of the main executable in the package.   Eg   a DBP of gpsd should output a run script called  gpsd.    -Neelix
  3. New Boards - Help me out :)

    Having said that, I found an addon to allow sigs to be ignored.   EDIT:  hrm,  I just noticed that that one isn't listed a compatible with XF 1.5, so I'm not sure how well it will work...   -Neelix
  4. New Boards - Help me out :)

        Hrm, that's a good point.   IPB lets you ignore posts, signatures, or both.   I've been using that feature to selectively ignore some sigs that I'd rather not see,  but that doesn't mean I want to ignore those peoples posts.  Xenforo doesn't seem to make that distinction, and puts them all on full ignore.  It seems to me that an addon can't be found to duplicate the ignore sigs function then ignores should only be imported if they have the "ignore posts" option enabled.   -Neelix
  5. New Boards - Help me out :)

      That was a reference to the importer.   Attachments in imported posts have been imported, but haven't been inserted into those posts.  What you do in new messages in the new software is already native to the new software so there's no reason it shouldn't work.   Edit:  That said, it's good to know that it does.   -Neelix    
  6. New Boards - Help me out :)

      Actually I think the Donor badges went missing in the upgrade from IPB 4.0 to IPB 4.1.   -Neelix
  7. A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    Here we have a Sparkly Dark Blue, and a Sparkly Dark Red.      -Neelix
  8. New Boards - Help me out :)

      I sent a message earlier, and it's right there in the "Inbox".   As yet I haven't received a reply.   -Neelix
  9. New Boards - Help me out :)

    I don't like having the timestamp at the bottom of the post. This add-on can fix that but it's not free.  But perhaps a similar effect can be achieved without it?   -Neelix
  10. New Boards - Help me out :)

    This Addon looks like it might be useful:   -Neelix
  11. New Boards - Help me out :)

    New toys!   Nice I'm looking forward to seeing how the new forums shape up.   -Neelix
  12.   Erm,  Isn't that exactly what he just said he intends to do?   -Neelix
  13. Dedicated "Next" theme for theme experiments

    I was referring yo your opening statement in this thread:   What I described in my last post, was the impression I was left with.  Obviously my impression was based on incomplete information, so please accept my apologies.   -Neelix
  14. Dedicated "Next" theme for theme experiments

    I think your approach has been wrong.   You basically demanded that the rest of the forum should be put in a sandbox so that you could play outside of it in isolation.  What I think you should have been requesting was a sandbox of your own on the server so that you could experiment inside it and share your results with the one person who mattered, that being ED.   -Neelix
  15. @Fusion_Power you seem to be missing ED's point.  We don't have XenForo yet.  The broken system we currently have is IBP 4.1.   XenForo is the prospective solution to these issues.   -Neelix