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  1. Get ready to rumble!

    I know it's a pre-pre order. And I let Liliputing know that in my contact with them - and again in the comments.  Given the limited time frame of the pre -pre order and the fact that a lot of people in this community don't visit this forum anymore (which included me for a period of time) , it doesn't hurt to get a tiny bit of news out there.   
  2. Get ready to rumble!

    ED,  just to let you know , I contacted Liliputing with the story of the Pre - Pre Order your running , They have run a story on it here:  
  3. Get ready to rumble!

    What happened to the D-pad in the Pyra render .  Seems to be missing, just shows a black hole.   D-pad not selected yet, therefor didn't want to show a render of it?
  4. JXD Singularity 192 new console Android

    This is the thread about that Intel line of SOCs
  5. JXD Singularity 192 new console Android

    Actually there was a thread talking about ED using the Intel Atom x7-Z8700 in the Pyra.   Seems it ticks all the boxes: Price, availability, performance, power usage economy, openness (especially on the GPU side), a line that has a great chance of continuing (unlike the OMAP) etc.  
  6. Ram Poll.

    I still don't understand why there is no 3GB option in the poll.    It's my preference, and looking at the poll results so far, it looks like it's exactly between the majority picked options. ie 2GB-4GB
  7. JXD Singularity 192 new console Android

    I seriously doubt JXD would sell anywhere near 100k of these. These attract a niche market, especially at $300 and yes that includes china.   Even one of their competitors, GXD are not making the popular XD , in anywhere near those numbers.  More like a thousand to 10 thousand max. And that's a $140 device . Add to that JXDs poor reputation for their past attempts at gaming tablets which is also going to hamper sales. Given how poorly the K1 soc has sold and how Nvidias market for their SOCs continues to dwindle.  I'd be very surprised if they didn't sell you say 10k or even much less. Not that I have any faith what so ever that this is real or not dodgy, worth an ask anyway,201527_1_71_72_73_74_75,0_0
  8. Retro VGS indiegogo campaign. (changed title)

    To be fair , their Indigogo said the $3.1M and $3.8M stretch goals were for a bigger FPGA, not to include an FPGA period.  This seems to have tripped many people into thinking unless the stretch goals were met, then there would be no FPGA.  The IndieGogo says the HW includes a FPGA.   The biggest issues with this campaign IMO are what seems to be still happening - poor communication. Public stoushes between team members and key suppliers, unclear messages etc.   First you had the stoush with Kevtris and now this blog blaming everything on their Marketing guy..   Not very professional and doesn't leave any confidence in backers. I noticed that after hitting 193 backers, the project went backwards for a day or so, ending up on 187 backers, its now on 190 backers.  So basically the project is going no where.  They need something like $50K a day, when they are getting more or less Zip a day at the moment.    I'd be surprised if they make $200K let alone $2M.   I honestly feel they should cancel the campaign, re-connect with the community, do some more research on what people want and are willing to pay, repair bridges, get their ducks and communication in line. Then sometime in the future when the dust settles and they have the community on board again, then they can relaunch the campaign.
  9. Retro VGS indiegogo campaign. (changed title)

    I think the boat has sailed in regards to Kevtris and the Retro VGS team.   Kevtris seems to be more into his own idea now of the Zimba 3000, which with any luck could involve ED ->
  10. Laser Razor on Kickstarter - Yes Really

    Wooohh there sharky barber, I said a little off the fringe  
  11. Laser Razor on Kickstarter - Yes Really

    SONY, now it doesn't
  12. Thought this was a joke when I first saw it, but nope, it looks like these guys are serious.   They have just put up their campaign on Kickstarter to produce a Laser based Razor. I think I'll need to see the working prototype first.  I understand they said they will show a demo using a working prototype. Makes me wonder why its not there on the campaign page from the start.   A working prototype is a KS requirement
  13. Retro VGS indiegogo campaign. (changed title)

    This Kevtris guy should team up with ED to develop the Zimba 3000.   Sounds like it would be a perfect match.    Although, I'd change the name, not fond of Zimba , but then again, it's not like you are going to forget that name , so hmmm
  14. Retro VGS indiegogo campaign. (changed title)

    I think they will struggle to get to $200K, let alone $2M