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  1. SuperTuxKart for Pandora

      Yes I did, but the error is the same as before. How do I create a swap file? Maybe I'll try this to see if it works this way?
  2. SuperTuxKart for Pandora

    R1.70 says pandora system info   edit: i did an update to the newest firmware and the problem persists
  3. SuperTuxKart for Pandora

    the game crashes on startup on my rebirth model without swapfile.   do we have spoiler tags in this board btw?
  4. Tiled

    one more request: can you make the window size fit the pandora screen please? or is there a way to scroll the window somehow? currently the bottom part is hidden and i guess the x to close the window is hidden, too. thank you!   edit: hm i see on your screenshots that your window has the correct size. how did you do that?
  5. Tiled

    the last update fixed it! thank you very much!
  6. PNDManager

    and that exactly was the problem. i had 2 pndmanagers on my sd card :/ everything works now, sorry for the trouble.
  7. PNDManager

      exactly! only that i don't have a documentation there   i added the same two lines as you at the end but it doesn't work. it doesn't even log anything about wrong credentials or a successful handshake. that's why i thought it may be an old version.
  8. PNDManager

    hi b-zar,   i cannot comment or vote in pndmanager. can you tell me what i need to do? what i tried after an hour of reading through the forums is adding 2 lines to settings.conf that read username and apikey (it would be nice to have this in a readme or in the pndmanager description btw.). but nothing changes in pndmanager visually. in my out file i found this      so i created that folder manually in appdata and the error ws gone. but nothing changed regarding the voting. and i don't understand why there are permission issues anyway the sdcard is fat32 formatted. another oddity is that my clean settings.cfg seems to be missing some newer values. is it possible that i still have an old version even if pndmanager thinks it is uptodate?   thanks
  9. Tiled

    the last update did not fix the error either. i deleted the appdata folder, too, with no change. if you need any additional information or logs please let me know.
  10. Tiled

    hi canseco,   thanks for updating. unfortunately i still get an error:       but the first error is gone
  11. Tiled

    hi, the pnd does not work for me. do i need to install qt separately? or is something else missing? this is the pnd_out error:   i have the newest firmware. thanks for your help and the port of course
  12.   Yes, I was upgrading from 1.52. Ok, I will see if I find a USB wifi stick. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I recently used the upgrade OS thing but at some point nothing happened anymore, with the terminal still being open. After about 10 minutes I closed the window and restarted. At some point I had an error message that the setup failed and I can find the errors in a log file. Now my "Toggle Wifi" option is gone. Do I have to reflash? Everything else seems fine at a first glance.
  14. Code::Blocks with C/C++ Compiler

    There is a new version of Code::Blocks available, maybe you want to update your pnd?
  15. Pandora Wiki Cleanup in progress

    I know, I know, I just couldn't resist to post about my feelings Do you have a ToDo list for things that stillt need work?