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  1. The Pyra is crying!

    If necessary I can run a Signal Integrity analysis check on the memory traces (mainly DQS, DQ# and address) according to JEDEC standard. Sometimes we have intermittent operation from the memory (losing some bits from time to time). Just need the layout from the ECAD tool and IBIS models of the memory and controller.
  2. Pandora cannot start

    I had exact the same problem this week. Here is what I did to fix it: 1-Removed and inserted the battery and connect the DC charger (didn't fix it) 2-Pluged ad removed the DC charger a few times (here the screen turned completely off and the screen showing the logo eas gone) 3-With the charger plugged in, I slightly pull it (like 1mm) and the unit suddenly turned on. After that I saw that the battery was at 1% Not sure what fixed the problem, but that worked for me.
  3.   Yes, Brazillians are guilty, afterall it is us who vote for these government leaders.   Now, you should be more carefull and read this: http://copadomundo.uol.com.br/noticias/redacao/2014/06/04/caros-inacabados-e-pagos-pelo-povo-o-legado-dos-estadios-da-copa.htm#fotoNav=1   English translation is here   You are comparing the amount of money in education that is spent in a country with 700 million people to the world cup. Of course you can´t pay for all schools in this uhge country with any tournment. Poeple are mad because:   -Money spent to repair the stadiums are in an average 50% higher than it was originally planned. So guess who took this additional money (hint - it is not Carig - bad joke).   -They build a 100 million stadium in a state (Roraima) where the average of people that goes to stadiums for the tournment is 100 people per game (so where is the interest here). same thing in Amazon state. And after the world cup they want to sell it (government wants o sell it to recover the money back). So they build stadium only for the world cup, and I´m pretty sure noone is going to buy it. And believe me 100 million can buid many schools in this state.   So government spent (public money yes) R$25.6 billion (something line U$11 billion) for a three week tournment. Of course you can´t solve all the problems with this money, but you can surely invest this in something usefull.  People are mad because they don´t have decent public transportation (they are on strike now), public hospitals (I´m pretty sure you never need to go to a public  one), no schools. Yes we have free universities for the elite (if you pay for good and expensive private schools  you can get a vacancy in one of these public universities). Just go to the med school and you will see that 90% of students have very nice cars.    And believe me, I´ve been to public universities and got my masters and PhD even with government scholarship incentive. And I still think that this is all a mess (like everybody else, except you maybe)
  4. I live in Brazil and we are rooting for nobody. They spent billions of dollas from public money in these new stadiums while we don´t have schools, hospitals, not even public transportation.
  5. M.A.R.S. a ridiculous shooter

    Awesome! Thanks!
  6. Downloading all PND'sow

    So anyone downloaded everything at once already?
  7. He-Man game

    I just tried and when it loads OpenBOR crashes and goes back to the desktop I believe we need an updated version 
  8. Thanks ED,   I´ll try EDIUS then. I knew that there were something else I could try
  9. Hi Ed,   I know you have a professional life where you edit videos. What tools do you use?   I started some years ago but I still think I can go a little deep into that. See for example this video I made (it is not game related, it is about electromagnetic simulations - it's colorfull enough though):   www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ60imDeJ6I   I used for video editing Sony Vegas and VirtualDub, to create the water effects I used a freeware called Sqirlz (very neat BTW), Adove After Effects for the Intro and some Flash animations.    Thanks! Juliano
  10. This is very timing. I'm going to the US in the end of January. Just made my bid.
  11. Proposal for Saxxon 1.56

    I think Saxon needs to release a new album
  12. PicoDrive revival (1.9x)

      You are right (as usual ) Awesome! I´ll try the lightgun on PCSX.
  13. PicoDrive revival (1.9x)

    Outstanding job as usual Notaz. I just tested Night Trap 32X CD and it is working perfectly (being playing for a couple of hours now - really wierd game ). However, Corpse Killer 32X CD doesnt´seem to recognize any input (none of the buttons I´m pressing seems to be working) so I´m stuck at the "Start Game" screen. Am I missing something here? Thanks! 
  14. Oh awesome. Didn´t tried Vice64.   Thanks for the information!
  15. Is there a way to make it work on C64? I tried but it seems to freeze during the intro. Any help is appreciated.