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  1. design B for p2

    IMHO, The Pandora needs to maintain the clam-shell design. It makes it more portable. This design looks clunky and awkward. If anything, the P2 should be a familiar in basic design, but welcome improvement in terms of exterior polish and internal specs in comparison to the P1.
  2. DragonBox Coding Competition: Logo needed :)

    The pixels seem to be a problem with imgur. It looks fine in GIMP.
  3. DragonBox Coding Competition: Logo needed :)

    Added one at 400x120 as per suggestion. ^^^ Let me know what you guys think!
  4. DragonBox Coding Competition: Logo needed :)

    Oh! Duh! That's embarrassing! It was getting pretty late when I finished. I'll revise.
  5. DragonBox Coding Competition: Logo needed :)

    Here's what I managed to pull together in my spare time. Any suggestions? Do you need it to be smaller or arranged a little differently?   The high resolution one looks funky on imgur, but if you view or download either image at their native resolution, you'll see the transparency.    EDIT: Fixed Typo and added transparency
  6. DragonBox Coding Competition: Logo needed :)

    Maybe I'll try to whip something up! EDIT: ED, Is there a higher res version of the Dragonbox logo other than what's on the site?
  7. Official Pandora Video Thread

    Well, fine by me!
  8. Official Pandora Video Thread

    So, any new video coming soon?
  9. Advantages of Slackware?

    I definitely see this as the biggest advantage of slack ware on Pandora. That is a whole lot of software that we didn't have access to before.
  10. Advantages of Slackware?

    Let me know if you can get any KDE apps working like these a Youtube client would ROCK! or are these only x86? Sorry, I'm learning.
  11. Advantages of Slackware?

    Okay, so I understand that Slackware can now be installed on the Pandora and a lot of folks are excited, but why? Is Slackware somehow a better Linux OS? is it more flexible than what the Pandora has now? What are the benefits? Disadvantages? Also, will KDE apps now run natively?
  12. I know this topic has been discussed before, but do you guys think that Nintendo 64 emulation will ever reach the same level of compatibility and speed that we see in PSX emulation currently, for example? I know the N64 is totally a different animal, and I know next to nothing about coding and compiling anything, let alone a complex program like an emulator. Is the hardware that hard to work with? Or maybe there's just a limited number of devs for this? Thanks!
  13. I certainly do do! If this is possible, then I'd never have to get out the ol' PSP again!
  14. This is really exciting news. If I can play MGS peace walker on The Pandora, life would be complete