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  1. Diablo 2

    So it's not broken. It just doesn't exist.
  2. Hm, am I the only one, who finds is quite ironic to use an unfree board software for an open handhelds community? Version 4.1 seems to run well and imo the community has way bigger problems than some flaws of the recent IP version...
  3. Refugee Situation in Europe

    This is bullshit and proven (!) to be fashist propaganda. It may be, that some refugee steal. But not more than other people from other groups.
  4. Otter browser

    Thanks a lot for your work, ptitSeb! I just crashed my smartphone and am using a sony erricsson w810i as bluetooth modem for otter on my pandora now. This is really awesome! I like it way more than my old smartphone solution. Especially if I use mobile webpages instead of the big bloat ones. Even this board works better than with my smartphone browser.
  5. Tron 2.0 on Steam

    Oh, my failure. This makes it pandora related.
  6. Tron 2.0 on Steam

    Awesome! Another Windows only (!) game on steam (!). Totally Pandora related!
  7. I used ev3dev, a debian for the Mindstorms EV3 brick, with my pandora.   But I doubt, this helps. However ev3dev is really awesome!
  8. As mentioned in my development blog, I made a very small new release with the possibility to add a (positive or negative) handicap for the AI. As always in the repository.
  9. Pyra Developers.

    No. And why? I mean: ED has 10 prototypes to gift. So every developer should address at least 10% of the community with his work. How many people want to use Gentoo? Most people in this board would install Windows if they could...   To your first question: This is not sure yet. I would guess notaz (if he still needs some and doesn't have a dev board anyway), ptitseb, sebt3 and Lunixbochs. I doubt anybody posting in this thread will get one, at least not because (s)he posted here.
  10. It's getting worse with every post - and tbh I didn't think that would be possible after "Pydoralive".
  11. It's not like, we have not discussed this before... In this thread were some neat ideas!    
  12. Model 2 Emu? Or am I talking out of my hat?

    I could not find the sourcecode or even the license. So I doubt it is even portable. However it seems to be a Windows only emulator with the need of one 2,6ghz core or a dual core, DirectX and Pixelshader 2.0.   So I myself doubt this will run in near future.
  13. Pyra Developers.

    As I didn't preoder a Pyra and will most probably not buy one of the "first batch", in fact I can't answer your question.   However. I will port all my games and continue complaining, that nobody plays them. :>
  14. I have xfce running with compiz here. My windows are so whiz-bang, you wouldn't believe it!
  15. This is, where zLoud failed years ago, too. He had plans for a pandora blog before you even registered here. However he did want to make a platform, most of the articles should be written from other pandora users. He looked like years for some authors and in the end he abandoned the project at all. So in fact it was foreseeable, that you would not find participants. And if you stop writing at all, the blog will just die.