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  1. XenForo boards

    I visit XenForo forums and they always get spambots visiting as well
  2. The Communication Cube

    Yeah, I know. I read most threads, so nothing gets past me. To me...everyone here is family, thus is a special member.
  3. The Communication Cube

    Member StatisticsTotal Members9002
  4. SONY PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) No surprises here.
  5. The Communication Cube

    @F_Slim Happy Birthday, mate~ Have a good one
  6. 1gz Pandora

       Not for sale? But this is the trading section?
  7. Gaming smartphone from Snail Games

    Please feel free to check out the discussion everyone is having about it below. I'm in it quite a bit. Apparently, it's been delayed
  8. Snail W3D

    Please feel free to check out the discussion everyone is having about it below. I'm in it quite a bit
  9. Snail W3D

    Welcome to January 2015
  10. It actually cuts it. It's not laser hair removal/treatment.
  11. Pandora Speaker Problems

    Actually, since ED has just mentioned speaker quality...below is a tiny-microscopic insight on Pandora's speakers.
  12. In regards to NBA 2KEveryYear...well, for me it's because of the New rosters! As for other sports franchises, well...I honestly don't know because I hear with Fifa its the same shit, different year.
  13. Belated HB mate :)

  14. Pandora Speaker Problems

    It definitely sounds (no pun intended) like there's something wrong with your speakers, as I had not experienced any distortion even at max volume with mine. Apologies, as I'm not sure what the exact problem is, or whether or not you have to open her up and have a looksy, so I'll have to pass this onto ED and the rest of the Pandora experts on here.
  15. Pandora Speaker Problems

    Hmmmm...ok. How about listening via earphones/headphones? All good, normal?