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  1. Battery technology

    I've been reading articles about "super" batteries for at least since the early 2000s. Not a single one of them has made it to market I think. There were promises of batteries that would charge in seconds and last for days, weeks, months (take your pick) and technologies that ranged from liquid refillable, to special anodes, to nano tech, to to to......I'm still waiting for ANY one of them to materialize anywhere online where anyone outside the lab can buy it but they don't.
  2. First batchers out there?

    First batcher here too. Will be 3 years the coming May 2014. Pandora still in good condition. Had come with a small crack above one of the sd slots but it stayed put. Side of LCD plastic a bit scratched when I changed the original LCD cable due to a purple screen'o'death and had to change the battery lid as I snapped all tabs due to not remembering instructions! Still happy with the device though. Having full Linux PC functionality is what did it for me as I don't retro-game much.
  3. Hi,   I am trying to install a cross-compile env using Ivanovic's sdk install script but everytime the script starts downloading libs it looks like something is blocking the downloads after a certain number of hits. Is there some security measure that blocks the script when there are too many http requests from the same ip maybe?   Thanks,   relliker  
  4. Pandora Boards Regulars

    relliker my nick is post rarely i do but lurk each day here too. ^--- and that was supposed to be a haiku. -----^ and this line rhymed with "too".  
  5. New website request

    I'd edit out the word "bullshit" though. Isn't something like "No jailbreak required" enough? The intended audience might not all be old geezers who don't mind the odd BS insertion.
  6. Your favorite computer?

    Must be my Amiga A500. Still in working condition and on my desk since 1988. Some of the original floppies from that period unbelievably still work too. Gone through some 512K RAM upgrade boards (The refresh batteries on the boards fail and corrode after several years of use and the whole board fails with it!) but it still works with the original internal 512K ram. It is currently part of a project to recover and transfer some of the working floppies using Cloanto Amiga explorer so that I can use them with emulators! I think even when/if it dies, this will remain my most-loved computer for life as I built most of my early computing knowledge using it and it's been with me since I was 18 (now I'm 42!!).
  7. Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    Donated. GO OPT!
  8. Bitcoins experience

    A couple of bitcoin exchange sites have had trouble with hackers and bitcoin theft lately and if I'm not mistaken at least one of them has shut down operations while it investigates. I'd advise caution with bitcoin these days. article link
  9. Thank you kind MODS !

    So that when Dredd zooms up the face of another building on his bike we all puke and feel woozy!
  10. Demographics of Pandora users

    Old git? I'm 42. This year I'm the answer to life, the universe and everything! Old git, pah!
  11. Demographics of Pandora users

  12. KAMI RETRO [update/fix] commercial release

    Kami Retro, my first commercial Pandora game, purchased I thought using the touchscreen would be a no-go but it's ok(ish). The keyboard area does get in the way sometimes when using the right part of the screen (I use the stylus left-handed) but it's not a nightmare yet, although I've only tried the first 4 challenges. We'll see when things get complicated. I'm sure my daughter will enjoy it more though as she's the gamer in the family and is more used to touch screens.
  13. Is yad pre-packaged in any arm-based distribution yet? As far as I can see only unofficial debian packages are available from the google code site. If not, it will have to be compiled, packaged and maintained specifically for the Pandora's angstrom distribution with every release. I'd say it's a nice project but not mainstream enough yet to be included as an official add-on package. Others may find its advantages will outweigh the work to include it. More opinions anyone?
  14. New Website 1.0

    Clicking on "Mainland Europe" for ordering gave me this in German: "We're sorry, but the Web address you entered is no longer available"
  15. Pandora not charging via USB

    Try using different USB ports (ex. front as opposed to ports at the back). My work PC won't charge the Pandora from the ports at the back, only from the front ports. Seems the back USB ports are on a different USB controller that does not give sufficient power to charge the Pandora.