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  1. New Boards - Help me out :)

    There seems to be quite a bit of spam going on. Mainly in the profile section. Since that is broadcast on the landing page it looks a bit unprofessional.   Don't know if those came from here or registered anew. However it would help a lot with SEO and pagerank to delete all accounts that have 0 posts, since its the same here, only less noticeable. And then figure out how to keep the bots from coming in.
  2. Join what has been split

    It would be nice if someone who has an old login can use it again. Whether they made the switch or not. So that its one continuous forum, rather than two different forums with two logins, at any level.    
  3. Join what has been split

    That sounds great, is there a way to attribute older posts on a different nickname to the one used here?   Wasn't there an earlier pandoraforum too? runs on the FOSS simple machines forum. In an ideal world maybe that could be a joint effort. The difference i care to make of it is that there are a lot of china-made devices on equal terms with the real community-ware.
  4. New Boards - Help me out :)

    Font settings are supposedly in: Admin CP > Appearance > Style Properties > Message Elements > Message Text   .style {   font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;   font-size: 11px;   font-weight: bold;   color: #FFFFFF;                      /* should be black #000000 }   looks good.
  5. New Boards - Help me out :)

    Is there a setting to get rid of the default serif-font in posts?   The rest of the watched threads are available. You only see the unread ones by default.   Bug: Portrait avatars scale to width, not to height. What happens is you get your head cut off.   Twitter and facebook scripts loaded:   All this cancer:   cookie{persistent-cookie:guest_id} cookie{persistent-cookie:external_referer} cookie{persistent-cookie:ua} script script script   Scripts arent run on
  6. New Boards - Help me out :)

    Ignore works. Watched threads work.   "Show your online status" still defaults to on.  
  7. "but it only works with microsoft outlook" hihihi   Keyboard looks good though.
  8. New Boards - Help me out :)

    If you want to insert at fullsize you have to get the image url, then paste that as an image. Same as here. Feature or bug, i dont know.
  9. New Boards - Help me out :)

    "Your news feed" sounds to me like the feed that my activities produces, rather than "newsfeed from friends" or whatever would be more clear.   You don't need two-stage auth, but its a security feature. Makes losing your password one step below where you need to be to lose login access to an adversary. Just wanted to report that "All attachments should be there, but not properly inserted in the post yet" worked for me, without flash. Won't ever install that.
  10. Diablo 2

    I thought this was something i dreamt.
  11. Need a new potentiometer

    Could measure the one you took out and then find one of those in the catalogue? Will add name to if someone knows.
  12. The three dots were rank, which when everyone is 3-dot rank, is very redundant. No such dottery on the new forum. Where also postcount is gone. :)
  13. A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    The currently used picture on the mainpage has a screen that looks scratched. Colour is a bit undesirable, sort of dark bronze looking.  
  14. New Boards - Help me out :)

      Cant see pictograms for forum sections, think this is a css issue on my part. Too many horizontal line elements on the main page. Watched threads dont carry over. Ignores dont carry over. Links in signatures dont carry over. User timezones do not carry over. Defaults to -11. "Starred conversations" unknown if carries over. Can not see outbox/sent messages, only conversations people replied to. CANTFIX: User blindness "Your news feed" should be renamed "News feed subscription" I updated status, so if anyone following me can see the "well-known member" it works. not devided into pages, so you click "more" 8 times and it produces only the next amount of whatever wasnt shown already. Two-step verification links to google authenticator and authy when free software alternatives exist. Like this available from non-spying repo. There arent any resources, other than this example category. are a bit daft. Does not default to https Uploading attachments works when selecting "do not use flash-based uploader". Sounds very antifeature to have that enabled anyhow. Would be nice with list of BB codes available from somewhere in the editor, like the smileys are. Promotes Twitter and Facebook. Each of which run a lot of scripts... Clicking on the pandora/pyra logo leads to a 404 The trophies are a bit daft. Suggestions?     Show your online status This will allow other people to see when you are online. Is on by default. Maybe turn off. Dont know how it is for people who purposely turned it off.      
  15. Next XenForo version will support IPB4.0/IPB4.1 migration

    When the open world is also better, its also quite moronic. I thought I was the only one who noticed all the bugs and inconsistencies, but with 4.* it seems IPboard has nailed it in terms of disservice. Some part of me hopes XenForo is equally bad so that we finally can land on something stable and good.