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  1. pmprog added a post in a topic Ram Poll.   

    I'm afraid you'll probably get similar on the Pyra. There was talk in one thread about not being able to do windowed 3D; but as SDL 2 and Allegro 5 use GLES as a back end, I imagine them being similarly afflicted. I could be wrong... as there was also talk about hw-accelerated 2D, but I don't know how that differs.
  2. pmprog added a post in a topic What would you like to see?   

    Oooh, does this mean I might to get to play TIS-100 on the Pyra?! Cool
  3. pmprog added a post in a topic Retro VGS indiegogo campaign. (changed title)   

    Fair comment.

     It's the internet, where everyone else is wrong and should be harrassed for it. Isn't that the rule? I, personally, quite like the sound of it, but have far to much other stuff to consume what little free time I have left
  4. pmprog added a question in Issues / Improvements for the new boards   

    Editor "Source" mode
    The old board had a source mode for editing (the little switch icon), where you could edit all the BBCode in a nice clean manner. Can we get something like that back? because this editor makes any form of actual editing horrible.

    I often cut up quotes so I can reply to bits, and at the minute I just seem to be fighting the editor
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  5. pmprog added a post in a topic Retro VGS indiegogo campaign. (changed title)   

    But as Exophase mentioned, cart availability is going to be low. They're not going to mass-manufacture 2 million of each cart and get them stocked in game shops around the world. So I wouldn't be able to walk into the local "Game" and pick it up. Meaning that I'm having to buy the game online, in which case, you might as well let me download it, rather than wait for manufacture and shipping.

    I think even something bastardised could have been a good idea. Think like an N64 cart with an SD card slot in it, and the actual cart does nothing more than extend the pins down from the SD to the console.
  6. pmprog added a post in a topic ~~ Super JumpKick Turbo ~~   

    I only have one Pandora, but when I tried vs a Windows PC, I had a bit of lag. However, I guess it depends how good your WiFi is. One thing I never got around to trying is using the USB->Ethernet port on my Pandora to have it all wired.
    Yes, seigelord on the Allegro board said the AI was a bit naff, which it is because it's pretty much an RNG at the minute.

    I'm not sure how much development I will do on this, probably not a lot, as I have a few other projects under way, but thanks both for the feedback.
  7. pmprog added a post in a topic ~~ Super JumpKick Turbo ~~   

    Did anyone play this?
  8. pmprog added a post in a topic Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)   

    TIGSource always have animated GIFs of gameplay at various lengths, but I still quite like idea better than HQ-frame-as-it-loads approach, but maybe that's me.

  9. pmprog added a post in a topic What would you like to see?   

    Really? I run it on my EEEPC 1025CE, and it works pretty good for me
    Intel® Atom™ N2600 (Dual Core; 1.6GHz) or N2800 (Dual Core; 1.86GHz) Processor (not sure which mine has)
    2GB RAM
    Normal platter HDD (can't remember capacity)
    I don't know, I can't remember seeing anything, but that's not saying much
  10. pmprog added a post in a topic A possible PND-system replacement   

    Yes, a few. Gameboy Advance and C64 (though most C64 emus ship with the roms)
    It'd be great to tell there where to put it too! Depending how invested you want to get, you could even give the user the option of "I have these files, let me tell you where there are", and open a "Select Directory" dialogue, and then copy them to the right place, and for the more lazy/disorganised a "Search my filesystem..." (though you'd need some sort of confirmation of picking the correct files).
  11. pmprog added a post in a topic What would you like to see?   

    What desktop are you using? Can you try KDE? Not sure if there's really much to "see" (unless you wanted to fiddle with some of the desktop effects), but was interested to see what options we had
  12. pmprog added a post in a topic Linux suggestions?   

    I did have a big post, but it's just waffle. So lets cut to the jib.

    I've used somewhat recently: Angstrom (on the Pandora), OpenSUSE, Debian, and Mint. I run a host of development tools, a few graphic tools, Linux Steam, and a few other odds and sods. I use(d) KDE on my desktop (with XFCE on Pandy); but what I've found is, none of them are really all that different.

    That said, I am probably quite basic for the most part. I turn off nearly all the animations and whizzbangs, my desktop has very few to no icons on it, the desktop panel contains the "launcher" menu, a few program shortcuts, open window list, and the system tray. I only use 1 "desktop" (I just close stuff down when I'm done).

    I do like KDE's graphical system settings window though. Whilst I appreciate the simplicity of text file configs, having tried to configure my own OpenVPN setting in a text editor, I had no idea whether I was changing the right settings, or even putting them to the correct values. I really want to re-setup my home VPN, but I need some time to go through and work out what I need to do with it again.

    My work computers still run Windows (7 and Server 2003), my "main" desktop runs Windows 7, and my NUC and netbook run Mint. I'd switch the desktop, but two things need to happen first - 1) My Windows games (Steam and others) work fine on it via Wine, 2) I find a decent replacement to The Bat! (I believe Claws mail supports multiple inboxes and multiple accounts, but last time I tried it, I'm sure it came a cropper somewhere, though it's installed on my NUC for testing)

    tl;dr: Mint is my current, and it works fine, but pick any really
  13. pmprog added an answer to a question The "new content" button is gone as guest.   

    Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but how is the board supposed to know what's "new" to a guest who doesn't log in? It doesn't know who you are, or when you last looked
  14. pmprog added a post in a topic what is the cost of HDMI?   

    Out of curiousity; how does this apply to the Raspberry Pi, and also ED's RetroPi? Both are technically end products
  15. pmprog added a post in a topic what is the cost of HDMI?   

    I understand they always put the clause "We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time", but surely you can't backport your terms?