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  1. DevBoard to build kali Linux.

    Interesting, that looks a different board to this one. Does that price have VAT?
  2. Refugee Situation in Europe

    Not sure I agree with you here - about the "it's not what's in the book". Sure, there are muslims that don't listen to that bit, just as their are christians that don't listen to the old testament and other such atrocities. That does not negate their contents are present, nor their effects to the lunatics that believe the books as literal truth. Personally, I hold both books in the same contempt, and think the world would be a better place without them. I'm against organised religion as a principal, but I'm happy to let people be (unless they come knocking at my door, bloody Jehovah's Witlesses, I'm looking at you), but still, the books are present, and they contain nonsense of a bygone era.   This s**t scares me...  
  3. PuzzlePix Halloween

    I hope it didn't sound negative, I was trying to provide constructive feedback. I do always like your productions, so keep up the good work :)
  4. 2016 is the year of portable computers

      Time to call Bill Gates!
  5. Refugee Situation in Europe

    Sorry to hear that, glad you're okay though
  6. PuzzlePix Halloween

    I know, but I didn't play it as soon as I downloaded, so didn't have that reference to hand; and wanted to give you feedback from the perspective of when I played it. Take it as you will.
  7. PuzzlePix Halloween

    I completed it, but to be honest, I didn't actually know what I was doing and why I could only do tiles in a particular order, and I really didn't get what the crosses were for... Presentation was great, maybe something that explained the rules would have been nice though
  8. Refugee Situation in Europe

    I personally don't know what to make of it all. I'm not directly opposed to accepting refugees, but the economy isn't exactly brilliant in the UK (not sure it's much better in the rest of Europe either) with the scale of immigrants (and this may be harsh, but no, I don't think they're all refugees), I don't know what they'll do when they get here, apart from maybe completely break our failing system.   Either way, this is definately wrong...    
  9. Slow Pandora builds

    Well, loading and unloading your images every frame is going to be a massive burden. Also the Pandora's screen size is 800x480, not 800x600
  10. 2016 is the year of portable computers

      What? Desktops and laptops are gone? Don't be silly.
  11. Well, I'm not sure on the exact limit to my hosting space/database, so I will need some form of culling, but I guess we'll just have to play that by ear until I get a feel of how many dead accounts we get
  12. Why does...?

    Yeah, there's only two "answers" I can think describe why, but I'm not sure how accurate they are.   Firstly - If you grabbed a blue torch and a red torch and pointed them both at you, but had the red slightly in front of the blue, I would guess you'd see more red light than blue; but I've not tried that so I could be wrong   Secondly, if the "roofs" are slightly curved ___________ ___________ / \ / \ / \ / \ | Red | Green |then any red travelling right from this diagram would be obscured by the green   Edit: Hmm, reading a bit more, sounds like the segments might be rounded, and have a rolling shutter:
  13. Yep, I already plan too, hence why I set up rather than asking ED   I'll go through your other suggestions later when I have a bit more time; but yeah, I'm hoping I can get some devs to add THub API into some of their releases. I've already asked Foxblock for it in Project4, and I might make a new build of Spout; but these will have to wait until the API is ready  
  14. Anonymous doesn't really work when you're creating scoreboards and friends lists. I'm not overly bothered about how "real" account details are (hence why asking if I should make email mandatory), but you need an account in order to rank and communicate. If you just want a "game launcher", then I'm sure the THub stuff can be disabled if you don't log in, so you can still launch and play games, you just don't get chat and submit to high scores etc.   Being able to register without an email means you can join in, but not get mail notifications; but it also keeps your account seperate from anything else you might do
  15. Why does...?

    The best way I can describe it based on that is imagine three sport stadiums next to each other, all with retractable roofs (in two pieces, split down the centre). So you can have the roof closed (both pieces pushed together at the ______ ______ ______ / || \ / | | \ /| |\ | || | | | | | || || | || | | | | | || || | || | | | | | || || \__||__/ \_|__|_/ \|____|/ Closed Halfway OpenWhen it's open, it lets the staidum light out up into the night sky. When it's halfway, it's same, but the angle the light is exposed at is restricted   ______ __||||__ \\||||// | || | | | | | || || Closed Halfway Open  Consider looking down across all three at about 45deg. You'll see that the half-way open ones, you'll receive less light because the "roof" is partially covering the line to your eyes.     Now this doesn't really describe why red and blue become prominant in a particular direction - but I'm assuming this is because depending what side of the three stadiums you're on, you'll get "brighter" light from the closest, and maybe the pixel colours are arranged vertically?