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  1. Ideally I'd want a physical slider, but it is probably too late in the game for that.   Function keys work fine for me provided I can remember what they are easily. Shoulder buttons might be a good one for this if brightness constantly needs adjusted.   Otherwise I have yet to see good working autoadjust, for me it always turns into some odd periodic function for my screen and it constantly occilates between the dark side and the light side of the force spectrum.
  2. Just roll them into the stylus holder
  3. Pyra hinge design.

    We need a multi-dimensional hinge that is able to create a pocket in space-time so I can carry my Pandora and Pyra together easily.
  4. Is more better??

    I normally find a balance between DL'ing all the games I own and think are fun, randomly minus a few that I forget, and then get angry when I realize I forgot to download XYZ and there's no cell phone service where I am to download the game I suddenly got an urge to play.
  5. Using external device as monitor for pyra.

    Also if the pyra even just has USB 3.0, there exist USB 3.0 > DVI adaptors that are supposed to be pretty useful, they'd require drivers, but i doubt they're too crazy.
  6. Christmas, the past and the future (2013-12-24)

    As I read this on my pandora, I know that this project is great, thank you to everyone!   Also, looking foreward to the pyra!
  7. Java Programming on the Open Pandora??

    I appreciate this too, I just started computer science and was sick of having to fire up my desktop everytime!
  8. TV Out Cable: Time to Mass produce! (2013-06-22)

    Any ETA to Ithic?
  9. Freeware?

      Well you have to walk the line between Intelctual Property laws, and Censorship. There are systems in place such as DCMA, and others have been brought up (SOPA and PITA just recently) but most of them end up turning into censorship of the internet... which is bad.   It's a very interesting topic though and there's plenty to read on it if you look around. I'd start with researching DCMA, SOPA, and PITA.
  10. TV Out Cable: Time to Mass produce! (2013-06-22)

    So it's been about 7 weeks right....
  11. Encouragement to experiment

    ^But by being aware of this you have already shown that you are capable of doing things
  12.     So would it be similar to VGA then?   Could one simply use a DAC to get the RGB to work, pipe HSYNC and VSYNC straight to their respective pins (possibly adjusting voltage) and then ignore the clock and enable pins? or are those last two required?
  13. Fags

    Lol me and a couple buddies had that same setup when his died at a motel and he forgot his charger!   Also weird story, today, after not having smoked in a couple days, I burped and ecig smoke came out!
  14. TV-Out Cable - Prototype finished (2013-05-03)

    Looks awesome! But what are the blue and black RCA ports for?