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  1. The confessional thread.

    I like Windows (7).
  2. He has a bunch of cardboard boxes he can hide under so he does not have to see that far...
  3. Captain Beef?

    I wish he would come back. His "cli love" toolkit was (is) awesome!
  4. nVIDIA SHIELD™ Portable 2 - Coming soon?

    I would love to see a tiny X1 based set top, box (the Vita TV form factor is a good example). I actually use the Shield tablet this way now and it is a great way to stream PC games to the TV.
  5. The smallest steambox or retro games dream

    I have ordered one of these and it should be here next week. I will see how it runs emulators and report back. The form factor looks perfect for emulation and I am curious to see how well it will run Dolphin and other more stressful emulators.   Kuru, how does teh Meegopad T01 work for emulation?
  6. nVIDIA SHIELD™ Portable 2 - Coming soon?

    It actually dissipates heat all over and does not really even get that warm (compared to something like a MacBook Air). They have done some impressive thermal work with it, plus the K1 seems like it offers fantastic performance (go check the benchmarks to see some awesome numbers) so I imagine the chip is running at very low utilization almost all the time. The shield table seems like a great device so far.
  7. Bitbox : a small open, DIY 32 bit VGA console

    Makapuf, You are exactly the type of member we like around here. Welcome! You device looks very interesting!
  8. iPlay 7" Gaming Tablet with a Tegra 4 SOC

    The looks like start of a new wave of interesting and powerful (and cheap) devices from China. Looks pretty good and they seem serious about the marketing from the link you sent!
  9. Is that a Pandora 2 in your pocket or are you glad to see me...
  10. New email from craig, watch out

    Just when you thought the situation could never, ever, possibly get any more insane. BOOM! It gets worse!
  11. Debs resigns

    Can't we all just get along.....   Just look at those smiles!
  12. There are some great comments on that page that ekianjo posted. I kept thinking as I read them, "These guys need Pandoras..."
  13. Almost a perfect April fools joke.   You could have waited until June 1st (2 months late... get it?) to make this one perfect, but well played rohezal!
  14. Sorry, I can't resist: