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  1. R.I.P. Robin Williams

    Truly a sad day for the world, our Genie is now free.
  2. Sega Arcade Machine

    Worryingly so am I... I could easily prove that I have more money than sense with the list of consoles I've seen in this thread.
  3. Sega Arcade Machine

    Bloody hell! I must admit it is very cool, I didn't realise there were so many hotel models for consoles, I might check out a few others soon when I have an extra splash of cash.
  4. Sega Arcade Machine

    I remember reading about the SEGA PC in magazines many moons ago, the GameCube multimedia thing I've read about on rarest console articles, there was the PlayStation thing the PSX too, I love finding out about these extra consoles companies made.
  5. Sega Arcade Machine

    That's really cool, I wonder what other systems had something like this?
  6. Sega Arcade Machine

    I have found out that it was used in hotels similar to a PPV service, hence the credit card slot, Vintropedia only has it as worth 35GBP but of course not set in stone. I wonder how much it charged to play?
  7. Sega Arcade Machine

    This popped up in my feed and I thought it was really cool. It's a MegaDrive arcade machine that accepts credit cards!  
  8. Games Done Quick

    Because of work I ended up going to sleep before some of the runs I was looking forward to the most, in a couple of weeks when they upload everything to YouTube I'm going to take an afternoon out to catch up with Resident Evil 2, NiGHTs and a few others I was looking forward to but missed.
  9. On the Lifespan of the Pandora.

    Nah, the whole thing was mounted on a wall, it'd been up for a long time so no idea why it went, but as it happens today has been remarkably lucky, I was able to beat my personal best time on Sonic 2 whilst at work (I should have been working...)   FZERO - I used to have a Sackboy designed to hold PS3 controllers that fit the DSi perfectly, since Sackboy doesn't have a nose I wonder if it'd be more suitable?
  10. What Games Have You Finished on the Pandora ?

    I've completed a few titles first on the Pandora, some later completed on the original hardware but not all. Metal Gear (MSX) Castlevania SotN Spyro 2 Wip3out SE.   There's a few others but I can't remember right now, but it's been a great way to gauge if games are worth getting when going to flea markets and boot sales.
  11. Crytek may soon go bankrupt

    Apparently 50% of UK video game developers have fewer than 10 employees, in recent times it seems that too many cooks really do spoil the broth. Free Radical was formed from 14 people or so people who left Rare who worked on Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, here's hoping a few of the guys get together and create a smaller, more manageable studio.
  12. On the Lifespan of the Pandora.

    No worries, I haven't been around to be apart of things much anyway. Glad it's been good to you for the most part, hope things pick up again soon.   And back on topic, yesterday my Pandora had a 5KG mirror fall off the wall forward and shattered over the top of the Pandora, apart from a few scuffs on the corner you'd never notice
  13. Crytek may soon go bankrupt

    The saddest part of this is they bought the remainder of Free Radical Design a few years back which became Crytek UK, I had really hoped they would do a new Timesplitters title at some point but that is extremely unlikely now
  14. On the Lifespan of the Pandora.

      I'm doing pretty good dude thank you, how bout yourself? Been a busy few months and fell behind with things but starting to catch up again, good to see the boards are still pretty active
  15. Games Done Quick

    That was a pretty impressive run, though the Sonic Unleashed one made me realise just how broken that game is, very cool to watch though, looking forward to Castlevania SotN later on.