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  1. Google +

    can someone send me a pm so you can add me? thanks
  2. Hey I just bought my transformer a few days ago and thought I should chip in..... First things first, the lag on the keyboard in the stock browser is driving me nuts! It is so slow typing, other places such as applications there is no lag but stock browser sucks. I've been trying to find replacements for the lag by finding other browser and I came across two choices. Dolphin HD from the market app store is very nice and the lag is less but it is still there. Also opera mobile from the market is nice too and the LAG IS GONE! However there is no way to change the homepage and I hate the user interference so I deleted it and Im back to the drawing board. I think Ill use DOLPHIN hd with keyboard dock and stock browser when Im in tablet mode because stock browser has a nice UI. Next, I noticed that skype works fine on the transformer however there is no possible way to use skype video chat on it. I've looked and looked all over but skype only supports like 2 or more phones for video android chat. However I did notice if you want a proper way to chat then use google talk and you can webchat to a pc or another android device fine and make calls and chat through the text. Also Im a sucker for these gameloft HD games. However what surprised me the most is that honeycomb 3.1 is not compatible with most of these great 3d games. But I did read online and only 2 gameloft games work on the transformer, that is ASPHALT 6 and N.O.V.A. These are great games and the graphics are suburb! So off I went to download them and I came across to many problems. First, you need a special version of these games to work on honeycomb devices. Turns out, you can download motorola xoom/acer iconia versions and they will work fine on the transformer. So I downloaded them off of a website, which I will not post a link here([Removed]) and the 2 games work!...........for 30 seconds and then crash. Back to the drawing board. I've read it has something to do with the android 3.1 upgrade because people with 3.0 said they worked fine. This is it for now and I will add more later. If you want to chip in and talk and give advice or ask questions we should support each other for the best tablet experience possible. Thanks
  3. can you atleast post a followup after a few weeks of usage? I enjoy reading your reviews/experience
  4. Ill see you guys later(Im leaving)

    that is what I meant
  5. Ill see you guys later(Im leaving)

    I well guess for me it was the web browsing. I wanted something that can play flash and play youtube etc etc. I know the pandora somewhat has all of this but it isnt enough for me. I guess I Really wanted something that can replace my old laptop but truthfully I dont think the pandora can. That is why Im picking up a tablet/notebook/laptop combo. Its very nice and Im more familiar with android and rooting etc etc thanks guys for the support the forums is full of it
  6. Ill see you guys later(Im leaving)

    Im picking up a netbook/laptop/tablet combo pack
  7. Im getting this on the weekend we should keep in touch and help each other out etc
  8. Ill see you guys later(Im leaving)

    why troll? Ill stick around the forums sometimes but not related to pandora stuff
  9. well, the truth is Im been sort of following the pandora status for over a year now. I always thought of the pandora as cool looking device that can do everything I Wanted it to do. But I didnt buy it yet....... So back in june I've been eyeing it in a last time to see what was up. I joined the forums and I had a lots of fun talking to you guys and getting ready to purchase my pandora. I saw a few on ebay that I wanted to take advantage of but I had some trouble with paying for it and it made it think I little more but the truth is this project is long outdated the community is still strong but I thought long and hard if I should buy the pandora and the answer sadely is no. the pandora is great but now there are so much better things out there to buy and more are coming so what I want to tell everyone is this, keep strong and keep the project going on there are alot of great people here and just keep going at it. well it was fun while it lasted keep strong guys and this is my last post in these forums(maybe) for awhile I sort of follow by this quote "the pandora isnt for everyone" peace
  10. Pandora coming my way

  11. hakmanplayer

    atleast he is gone now
  12. The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    I listen to classic rock