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  1. Pi Zero - the $5 computer

    Definitely good news. I'll be looking to squeeze one into my Retrode 2 now! Although I totally butchered my Gold Brick Retrode already to fit it into a Megadrive 1 alongside a full-sized Pi.   So much potential and I'm hung up on retro gaming   edit: we'll be selling an OTG adapter that fits inside the USB connector of a Wifi dongle. Yeah it's bonkers and will probably end in tears, but it solves the massive flappy adapter cable problem.
  2. Pi Zero - the $5 computer

      You'll need the image for the Pi 1, but I'm not 100% sure even that will work due to the 512MB RAM package on the Pi Zero being possibly incompatible with some of the boot images.   So far I've only had time to test it with Raspbian Jessie/Wheezy and I know it won't boot from a NOOBS card.   Reckon it would fit right into a Retrode and the USB OTG port is hard-wired to the Pi Zero's input power so it can crank out a lot of downstream juice to a non-powered hub. I've had wifi, SD card readers and a wireless mouse/keyboard combo dangling off it with no problems whatsoever.   In short: it's ace! And we'll hopefully have more stock soon.
  3. Anybody considering picking up an Oculus Rift..?

    "Changes everything" ... ... *sigh* this pops up in the subject line of Kickstarter project spam emails so often I've become allergic to the phrase.
  4. Windows 10

    Given that MS installed an adware Trojan disguised as an "Important Security Update" in order to shill their new operating system- anyone using Windows >= 7 has already lost the battle. What's the next "Important Update" to come down the intertubes? Perhaps some backports of these lovely new Digital Rights Mutilation features? Build your own linux from source; it's the only way to be sure.
  5. Anybody considering picking up an Oculus Rift..?

      That's a damned good point. It's in some way refreshing to see that a few people are pushing the boundaries, if only slightly. But, yes, most of the DKII content is crap that uses the VR gimmick as its sole selling point.   Alien Isolation is beautiful though. If the VR tech weren't so grainy and awful, and the developers had actually finished it so your head doesn't pass right through the underside of tables, it would be something special. The game, when you first play it, is tremendously tense but sadly I've got to the point where I just don't care anymore, which ruins the effect. It definitely has a downward trend from Alien to Aliens, and the whole "here's another oppressively long corridor you have to sneak down while aliens rattle overhead" mechanic gets old quickly. But with VR... sheesh, I can see the potential, but we're not there... yet.
  6. Anybody considering picking up an Oculus Rift..?

    All this has happened before, and all this will happen again. The boom and bust of half-assed VR tech is inevitable. You'd think the spectacular flop of 3D TV sets, and the subsequent jump to "curved" in a desperate bid to give idiots a reason to upgrade their TV, would give you some clues how technology in these sectors works.   I have an Oculus Rift DK2 and Leap Motion setup at home currently, and I've played pretty much every worthwhile title, and far too much Alien Isolation with it. I can confidently say that it still has a long, long, long way to go. Not only does it suck quite profoundly and tend towards nausea inducing 4th wall shattering graphical problems, but developers simply haven't stepped up to the plate and figure out how to make VR work yet.   Not one single game really played with the idea that you could fundamental distort the wearers perception and really screw with their mind. Even the much touted Sightline: The Chair was lukewarm at best, despite it's clever omission of any controls other than simply looking around.   The silly immersion breaking hand-held split analog controllers are just nonsense. I just can't get excited about the idea of VR being used Call of Duty: Crappy Teenage Wank Fest.   The best experience I've had thus far is when the Leap Motion/DK2 combo really felt like it was working. In the demo "Weightless" you're floating inside a space station, and fiddling with random bits of junk floating around with you. It uses the Leap Motion mounted on the front of the DK2 to track your hands, and under exactly the right circumstances it's very, very profoundly disturbing and hauntingly realistic. You can hold your real hands in front of your face, and see your virtual tendons flex ( actually it's probably just shoddy animation, but it looks good enough ) as you bend each finger and thumb in turn. Out of all the junky pointless jump-scare tat demos out there, this stood apart as something truly and profoundly indicative of what's to come- in 10-20 years, not 1-2.   Yes, the horrible shoddy over marketed, cheap jump-scare ridden, idiot youtuber promoted godawful shite that constitutes VR technology is, unfortunately, the gateway to the real stuff we'll be using in 10-20 years. That's a sad but inevitable truth of progression- remember Windows Mobile? You've got to trawl knee deep through shit before you get to the gold.   I can only hope that Microsoft paying attention to VR will solve some of the complexities of getting it fired up, and perhaps replace all the disparate technologies with something to canonicalise on, like DirectX: VR. I could live with that. At the moment, the spaghetti mess of wires, and the shoddy awful software that gets the DK2 up and running is taxing, and having to pay for more dubious third party software to get VR in games which don't explicitly support it also sucks.   I've no idea how any of what I've said relates to the bulk of this thread ( I didn't read up, booo! ), but that's my two cents on VR. Those of us who buy into it earlier are dealing with pure suckitude, but it will encourage the market to make something worthwhile.   Why OR/Facebroke haven't bought Leap Motion and integrated it right into the Rift beats me. Although you can't even plug the Leap Motion into the Rift's auxiliary USB port since the bandwidth just isn't up to scratch and it just craps itself.
  7. Dear Valve. They make wireless keyboard and mouse combos now. -Phil, aged 8. Let's just say I'm now convinced. But I love the PC games console concept and I've been itching to get an Alienware Alpha since I tested it. The main problem with leaving the ball in Valve's park lies with all the games which are not on Steam. Sure on a linux based OS you could probably run a small sample of those pretty comfortably with WINE, but good lord it'd be tricky to set up. A drop-in, self configuring, console-UI-like WINE wrapper launcher for Steam OS would be brilliant. You've got a standard console so the configs could be "crowd sourced" and it'd "just work" with the trove of classic gaming that is GOG. Such a problem would seem exacerbated on a handheld. Which is why I love Pandora, and just how many playable classics we've got available even from this smallish community.
  8. Why Python, specifically? It's kind-of okay for educational purposes, ala PyGame, but good lord is it ever slow and unwieldy for such things. I guess it's portable, which is a benefit, and it's not Java which is also a benefit.   Your finished sourcecode may be beneficial to people who understand Python and want to learn how to create a fully-fledged game. I'm speaking, of course, of the growing Python-literate crowd within the Raspberry Pi community. Are you using PyGame, or Python bindings against other libraries?   Sorry for the wall-o-questions, but the details of the project interest me more than the game itself.   Also, $50,000 is an ambitious goal, but I understand why you've set it there! Good luck.
  9. Are the weird analog sticks really portals to Gabe's nipples? Seriously, though, has anyone tried them? I tested Dell's "we can't be arsed to wait for Steam to get their shit together" Alienware Alpha, which I loved, but it came with an Xbox 360 controller and wireless adapter ( why are those adapters so hard to find? ) which was awesome. I'm not sure I understand why we need another controller type with weird nipple portals.
  10. The Caring Corner :)

    Well you certainly can travel. But it doesn't mean you should. Believe me, taking a bodily waste spouting noise bundle on a 14 hour inter-continental flight is slightly less fun than the least fun you could ever have. But you can't help but love the little blighters. Mine's 8 now and we've been doing summer holiday stuff since Monday. Exhausting! They're also a fabulous excuse to buy all those LEGO models you've been lusting after- if you haven't snapped already.
  11. Gruso?

    This just keeps getting weirder and weirder...
  12. The RetroPi

    Too fast, it would melt the case!
  13. Starcraft

      It might be that I haven't fired it up in a while, but... woah... it feels ridiculously quick. Definitely faster than when I played it on my Pentium 2, or whatever the hell I had back then.   <3 notaz
  14.   I'd not heard of PortaPi- most of the early Picade drama was way before I joined Pimoroni. We were sooooo first     ( and better... glue... really!? )   Good video though, I really want to do more video stuff, but it's a career in itself and nigh on impossible to slot into an already packed week.