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  1. Get ready to rumble!

    Thinking of ordering.. So if the prototypes come in Nov the normal Pyras won't ship until Jan at least?
  2. Hi   My Pandy is not behaving!   When I boot it up it just stays on the Powered by Angstrom page with the load bar 95 percent full!   When I try to flash it I get Loading file "boot.scr" from mmc1 devicce 0:1 (xxa1) ** extefs_devread read outside partition sector 244807680 **unable to read "boot.scr" from mmc1 0:1 ** ## Executing script at 820000000 Wrong image format for "source" command Script failed. I redownloaded the lattest Superzaxxon image again and extracted to root again but same thing. 
  3. Scrabble 3D

    Oft times I don't say thanks because I'm usually not logged in when I read the boards but merci vous monsieur!   I'm sure I will play this a lot
  4. Linux gaming news! It's happening!

    Well that's correct but Valve have been working very closely with Khronos and unveiled Open GL Next/Vulkan with Khronos   They also developed a Intel specific GPU utilising Vulkan as technically Vulkan isn't finalised until later this year. Khronos also seems to be heavily based on AMD's mantle which AMD have just officially retired in favour of Vulkan so it does seem like the common link for cross platform computing is Valve's influence. Though clearly Nvidia also benfit by cross platform computing for their ARM GPU's.   http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Valve-Intel-Vulkan-Driver   http://www.roadtovr.com/valve-presents-glnext-the-future-of-high-performance-graphics-live-blog-10am-pst/
  5. Anyone been following the Valve presentations with their new controller, steam machines, VR and their Vulkan API replacing OpenGL?  
  6. Case Sneak Peek

    I need more news about the Pyra in my life. It's strange to think I've been following the Pandoras development and now Pyras development since 2008 back when I was debating to get a GPH handheld.
  7. Case Sneak Peek

    As a communist...that video had me in fits of laughter.
  8. Of boards and displays

    Sweet. I've been waiting for an update. What resolution was settled on for the screens?
  9. PCSX2 for 64 bit Debian Testing

    Hi   Anyone managed to get PCSX2 for debian testing working?   I've asked on the debian forums to not much help.   Cheers
  10. Welcome to the decisive year

    Cool. I'd be extremely worried were Craig still around but I'd happily trust Ed with a preorder!
  11. Welcome to the decisive year

    Good to hear about the progress.   If you don't mind me asking how will you know if there's enough interest without taking preorders?   As I remember you saying preorders weren't going to happen again.
  12. PCSX ReARMed r22 - now using the DSP

    Woo hoo Merry Xmas to you too Notaz and thanks for this. i was having issues with wild arms 1 audio so will test and check back.
  13. X-COM: Terror from the Deep

    I've got both running. No sound though   Looks fantastic though. Thanks for porting.
  14. Godot OpenSource Xmas jam

    http://www.godotengine.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1172#p5516   Looks like Godot are having an opensource comp this Christmas so we might see some nice games for the Pandy. Anyone tried Godot on OP yet?
  15. Announcing GLBasic 3D Platformer "Reggie World" for Pandora

    Wow looks amazing   Is it opensource?