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  1. I haven't really been keeping up with this project recently, and this probably isn't the best place to ask, but what's the status with batch one preorders? I ordered from Craig and haven't got any notifications since then, so I assume it's still coming. Would anyone care to clarify?
  2. Suggestions for MP3 player

    Rockbox was just ported to the Pandora! http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/PandoraPort Don't have mine (and probably won't for a while, #3000) so I can't test it, but it sure sounds good!
  3. What app / game do you want to see? :)

    I'd love to see fennec running, I downloaded it on my comp but it's not the same without a touchscreen.
  4. Pandora Font

    Looking really good!
  5. The Pandora talks! Literally.

    My DS makes weird noises through the headphones sometimes
  6. Early Pandora Preditictions ?

    Hah that's great
  7. Official fan artwork

    Made this a while back using my epic ascii art skills...
  8. I remember playing roller coaster tycoon on a windows 95 box - it went at a decent speed (although I used a no-cd patch because it only had a 1X cd drive).
  9. Best NES Games

    Megaman 2.
  10. minecraft

    Just found out about minecraft a week ago, it would be really nice to have this on the Pandora.
  11. What are you listening with?

    Sennheiser CX300-II, $90 of awesomeness.
  12. The Movie Thread

    Being a die-hard chiptune fan, I just ordered Reformat The Planet, a documentary on (you guessed it) chiptunes. I'll post a review when it comes. If anyone else is interested, you can buy it in the 8bitpeoples store. (google it!)
  13. 500 Members!

    We've finally surpassed gp32x!
  14. Bittorent distribution

    Great idea, I think it would be useful to be able to download everything in one torrent.