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  1. Catacomb

    This is a childhood classic of mine. THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH
  2. It's the keyboard layout.

    Could somebody turn that into the webapp keyboard design maker?
  3. Total Annihilation 3D

    I love TA... but this engine seems dead in the water?
  4. Updates in all areas, spiced with case renders

    That case design looks really high class ED. Looking forward to supporting your kickstarter sooner than later   What's the keyboard layout?
  5. Linux gaming news! It's happening!

      Madness takes control.
  6. The RetroPi

    also make the ICP3   seriously don't make the ICP3
  7. The RetroPi

      I'm already trying to throw money at you   More seriously, I'm not trying to beg for the icp3 or anything   but when it comes to the "out of the box" experience.. having a standard (supported) controller that comes with the unit for those of us that don't own original controllers would be an excellent option.   Even if you buy a bunch of them and preload the configuration for them.
  8. The RetroPi

    ED: I am all for this idea in a million ways... this is something I've wanted for the longest time   apart from the support for the official carts and the official/clone controllers - you should investigate different kind of bluetooth controllers for the bundle. There must be a decent cheap model you can buy a few thousand from abibarbar.   The idea of playing some Donkey Kong with my friends in upscaled HDMI from my original cart sounds wonderful.   I could easily see this being a million dolorous kickstarter project too.
  9. May you all die a slow and pointless death..... I'll make my keyboard layout tonight
  10. Retrode

      Kickstarter bait.   p.s. Don't make your own controller.. just make sure it works with the most popular controller
  11. Retrode

      This kind of thing has been a dream of mine for years.... It's exactly what I want. have launched a media center based on the raspi stuff... Imagine a similar case/form factor, with a much more powerful CPU and built for gaming.....   One of those... with a decent SOC. connected to four iDragonpads.    My friends could play N64 forever and ever.
  12. Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

  13. Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

      hey... That's in about two months!
  14. C4A down?

      I'm looking to a cheap VPS... I see a whole lot of bad reviews about these guys and all of the good ones seem like astroturf   can you ask your friend to give them a quick review? like performance? outages?   I don't care if they're "slow" because I'd only be using them for weechat irc shell and some random junk... just don't want to throw away money if they're going to deny by a refund which is something pretty common apparently
  15. The long road to a final unit   or just use a thin sausage!