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  • Interests I'm a person who loves technology. The Pandora was my first experience with GNU Linux. And now I am running almost only Linux. I like games to, mostly retro games. But I don't use the Pandora for emulation that much. I use it more for work. Another hobby I have is animation. I love Aimation off all kinds and it gives me life :) I also likes to draw but not to much.
  1. It's the keyboard layout.

    might be to much to ask but an å would be nice for us Swedish people. Or at least a simple shortcut, as the once for the Pandora was hell to use. I like that ö and ä is their  
  2. Voobly under WINE

    yes of course. People have done it with other games. Seams like AoM is the one that still does not work
  3. Voobly under WINE

    Hello.  I wasn't sure where to putt this topic.  I know their are a lot of Linux user and old school PC gamers here so maybe someone can help me, so I thought I would ask.  I've been using Linux for a while and played most of my old Windows games using WINE. One of those is Age of Mytology (awesome game) A lot of people are still playing this game online. Using the software Voobly. So I would love to get it to work under WINE so I can play online again.  I've had gotten it to boot, login and even gotten to the lobby of the game so everything works, but Voobly will not detect that I have the version 1.10 of the game. (version 1.03 for the Titans expansion but non of them are being detected) So I am so close but can't get into a game.  I know some people have manage to get it to work with other games like Age of Empire  But I found nothing on Age of Mytology. I was just checking to see if anyone on this website has gotten it to work or have any tips on things and Winetricks that might work.  It seams like Voobly is not detecting because of some security reason that i need to disable. Just a guess.    Edit: Almost forgot! I have tried the software Gameranger that does the same thing as voobly. And it works better as the game does boot however it doesn't want to start any game and I have yet to get into a game even if I am hosting or not. I need to get a friend to test it with more maybe.   
  4. Switching shortcuts on Pandora keyboard

    Thank you sooo much it works great!  
  5. Switching shortcuts on Pandora keyboard

    Thank you, that would work
  6. Hello, I wasn't 100% sure where to put this. Is there a way to change the ¥£€ on the Pandora keyboard to åäö. I'm from Sweden and I use åäö a lot. I know there are short cuts like (shift+Enter > Fn > " > a = ä) However they are a pain to use when wanting to type fast and I don't use ¥£€ that much. So if I could put something else there that would be great. If anyone know of a way to do that please tell. :3
  7. QJoyPad

    Yes! I have been asking for this program to make it to the Repo in a while now! You can use it to mapp bottoms on to the nubs Great if the game you are using doesn't support the analog nubs and you want to use them.
  8. Should the opendyslexic font be included by default?

    I am dyslectic and I would love to see this on the OpenPandora OS. I think I will install it manually first. But I do think it should be there by default. 
  9. How do you use your Pandora?

    I use my Pandora for school work. And music on the go. I mostly save and edit documents on it. I als
  10. Mounting the .PND failed.

    Yes I am having the same problem with some PNDs. I tried looking on the boards but the search option is hard to use I tried everything except reflashing my Pandora but I really don't want to do that just a few PNDs. 
  11. Flyer for FOSDEM

    Just awesome! Would you mind if I print out the finished version and put it up at my school? It's a IT school and lot's of gamers and Linux lovers go there. 
  12. What's with the pretty blue Pandora's?!! I want one!

    Blue is cool but Pink would be better I think personaly I never had a colorfull device of any kind. Allways black or white for me. But I really like to get something that stand out a bit more. Colored devices are really popular in Japan from what I heard. They look so nice
  13. I feel like the Pandora is great sometimes. And others, is just sucks more than anything ever.

  14. Switch GUI: Openbox

    How do I uninstall it? It's not bad but after a while of use I missed Xfce and switched back. I don't really care to have it installed on the system anymore. I guess I need to type something in the Terminal or something cus I could not find a GUI to uninstall it. Only install it.
  15. Black case 1GHZ subtle mod.

    Nice looking Pandora you got there