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  1. Sane version numbering?

    In my opinion, the opening idea seems sensible, but I would prefer to have all of the version differentials as numbers separated by dots, as in 1.0.0 or 1.1.3 or 2.0.1 - this should make it easy for common users to differentiate as well. The Apple -style might work too, but I think that most users would prefer the version number style. That way, it's easy to both have a comparative list of features as well as to identify the model you have.
  2. I'm personally not very interested in Smash for Wii U at the moment - I doubt I'll be buying the console for just a couple of games, and so far it seems like some interesting core elements will be removed. Nobody knows, though - it could be awesome or unplayable or anything between. If the online actually is good, I suppose having a match in that could be an option   Ah, right. I switched characters quite a few times, because I liked many of them. My play style after switching controllers back in 2011 became different and Link just didn't feel as fun to play with anymore. He had been my favourite for long, but I decided to try out other characters I liked. After a few months, I settled on maining Marth and have played him in almost all tournament matches since. I'm good with multiple characters and I like many of them (both as characters from their games and gameplay-wise), but by far, I like playing with Marth the most. There's the added bonus of Link being really bad compared to better characters, while Marth or Falco or Meta Knight are amongst the best ones.   Even though characters are unequal, as I mentioned in my post, the player with larger overall skill will almost always have better results than lower-level players. Of course, the difference between, say, Ganondorf and Meta Knight is very huge, but while winning an international tournament with low-tiers is unfeasible, the world's top low-tier players can beat the majority of mid-level players fairly easily. (there are many factors to this, but statistical data shows that it is the case)   Also, Can't say I agree with this - the chance of winning a single match feels more like 50:50
  3. Although there were times when I was trying to nail some tricky technique down, most of the training was playing with friends to have fun. Because, you know, we had a lot of fun playing seriously.   I can see the other side's view as well, but for me, this is exactly what keeps a game I've been at for hundreds and even thousands of hours fresh. There are very very few games I've used even close to this much time with. I've just enjoyed the competing that much. I'm not trying to encourage or discourage people from trying out competitive smash, rather, I wanted to share what it is like. If a reader wants to join the community, great, if they don't, that's great as well. Playing seriously or casually makes little difference to the fun itself - what's far more important, in my opinion, is doing something you like. Something that will allow people to reach their goals.   Few people would play seriously if it wasn't fun or interesting. Few people would create modifications if it wasn't fun or interesting.
  4. Oh wow, these look like really neat PSA and model hacks. I've studied them a bit myself, but I've never done huge amounts of modification since I prefer playing - I can see that you've put lots and lots of time into these, though. Rather than modifying the elements of the game itself, I've used countless hours on looping and swapping the music and text files. Simple stuff by using Riivolution compared to that, though  Also wow at custom animations and effects - I don't know how much you did by importing/swapping, I recognise some things, but custom animations always amaze me since I completely suck at making stuff like that look good.   If I ever visit Germany, we totally should have a match!  Have you ever went to tournaments?   The second post could be coming soonish..!? I just spent quite a while cleaning up the next header image. Seems like doing graphics stuff is not for me, heh.
  5. I can't say anything except good luck to that.         ...but of course luck has very little to do with winning
  6. don't click this link

    Meh, this is pretty fun, but I greatly prefer Anti-Idle: The Game (can be found on Kongregate, for instance).
  7. More donations through lottery

    Well, I would prefer donating over a lottery. I guess it would depend on the price and win ratio. However, most users who would be willing to donate by purchasing a ticket already have a pandora.. ..Having another one as a prize would be sort of useless, don't you think? In that light, promoting donation actually is better than hosting a raffle, unless most people are unlike me and would be much more likely to purchase a raffle ticket than they would be to donate.   All in all, in my opinion, I feel that the Open Pandora scene overall consists of such a userbase that this might not have even nearly as much gain than would be wanted. There are also large losses through payment services if there is a low price, not to mention the possibility of legal issues.
  8. ...Whoa.   I have to try this out. Heroes III is one of the best PC games I have ever played, so.. ..This is just amazing. Seems like you have Wake of Gods running as well, amazing.
  9. TV Out Cable: Time to Mass produce! (2013-06-22)

    To just think about how awesome Retro Game Challenge for the DS would be with one of these! It's actually a very excellent and underrated game, by the way - targeting a niche quite overlapping with the Pandora's.
  10. Teaser. (More Info to Come)

    That's gotta be one of the shortest posts of all time on these forums.
  11. Teaser. (More Info to Come)

    Looks awesome. Congratulations on getting your pandora, hopefully you'll enjoy it!
  12. I personally never use PNDmanager.   Anyway, the high ratings are often due to people not bothering to take the time to rate on apps they found mediocre or were forgettable. If rating - and looking at apps you've downloaded - was easier to do (say, browser add-on or integrated to firmware), it would be easier to get more ratings (both good and bad, but more of the latter probably). A very good idea to encourage this would be to let users be able to rate without going onto the page of the software. A problem with having rating on the Pandora is that while it eliminates one step, it adds another - most users don't have their wi-fi on all the time (or it isn't even working altogether).
  13. By the way - it would be very very awesome if Galactic Artifact could have C4A compatibility. I absolutely loved the game.
  14. DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

      I would like to know the answer to this as well. It seems to happen across both DS Fire Emblem games, on both the Pandora and my computer's emulators. The graphical glitches are definitely somewhat annoying. It is also interesting that the map is apparently 3D-rendered. The menus and dialogue are flawless, but the combat screen is horribly laggy. With frameskip 9, the music in Fire Emblem 12 (the second DS FE, Japan only) is lagless with 800 MHz, except when selecting a unit - which also has the aforementioned weird graphical glitches.
  15. is... Alive !!

      Sorry for getting back so late.   At any rate, the contrast should in my opinion be more defined - on my screen, the image looks slightly murky and not very distinguishable. Even when I know what the Pandora is like, I wouldn't say that this strikes me as an image of it. The best thing would be to make the bright areas brighter, and perhaps slightly brightening the image as a whole while still preserving the style - it probably looks slightly better in the colour department against the background of the blog, rather than plain white though. My hint, however, is that you could try resizing the sharp unangled image to a sharp, huge proportion eg. 16 or 64 times original size, and then rotate using a rotation tool. When you downscale it after the rotation, it will remove most nasty rotation artifacts and be relatively easy to clean up.   I really like the non-rotated one (as an image anyway), though - it's quite flat, but that's difficult to deal with, given the style and colours. The top-bottom proportion seems a bit off as well, an interesting choice to say the least.   Sorry for the criticism, as I'm not entirely entitled to it due to not posting an image at all. I think that those things are something you should try and see if it makes a change for the better, in my opinion.