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  1. YouTube Navigator: Juhutube

    I updated the program:   I updated the script youtube-dl. The program has now a menu entry for updating the script. The script is responsible for getting the URL which is needed for playing the video. It is maintained by someone else. When you have problems loading a video, you should try updating the script.   The new version uses now mp4 640x360 as default instead of flv 400x240. This has a higher quality, but there can be problems with the bandwidth (depending on your WLAN connection). You can change it back to by setting VIDEOFORMAT back to 5 in /pandora/appdata/juhutube/juhutube-cfg.txt on your SD card.
  2. YouTube Navigator: Juhutube

    When you select login, it displays a code which needs to be entered in a webbrowser at You must not terminate Juhutube. It polls a website and will automatically continue when you entered the code in the webbrowser and enabled access. Basically it was designed for systems which don't have full featured webbrowser. So normally you would use your PC to enter the code and not the pandora.   The error happens for some videos. On PS2 I had the problems with curl until I replaced it by wget. In the past I also had this problem when the server used IPv6. If you want to try something else you can change the script to use curl. You need to copy the file /pandora/appdata/juhutube/bin/ (on the SD card) and set the executable flag. EDIT: It is important that you replace ash by bash in the first line. This is needed for the pandora. You can change line 31 to: USE_WGET=0 You can also add the following line at the start of the file to see what is really happening: set -x   I didn't thought about the /tmp NAND problem. This can also be changed in this script. I will check whether /tmp is tmpfs.
  3. YouTube Navigator: Juhutube

    This is the first release of Juhutube for the Open Pandora. This is a YouTube navigator which allows to play videos.   It is intended that you login with  your YouTube account. The search function will also work without login. You can enter text in the search field, but no space (use + instead). + means AND. : means OR. - means NOT. The select button will add the current playlist to the main menu.   The following video and picture are taken from the release for the PS2. The pandora is much faster than the PS2. The buttons have the same function, but have a different name on the pandora.
  4. RISC OS Keypad Driver (pndkbd)

    Someone needs to build a ROM image. The code is written for GCC and is not compatible with the Norcroft compiler, but it is not much code and can be changed. A newer Norcroft compiler will also run on the Pandora. I think this is suggested, because it is faster.
  5. [Rebirth Comp] Ballion

    I decided for GPLv2 and uploaded the source code here: Later I will try to improve the game and I want also to port it to further game consoles. Earlier or later I want to release a level editor which is running in RISC OS.
  6. [Rebirth Comp] Ballion

    I am the developer of the game. The first version for the Pandora was running with SDL and was very slow at full screen. I tried to optimize it and I tried the optimized SDL, but SDL is unusable at this point. Then I ported it to OpenGL and it was fast as you can see. I can't make it faster, because OpenGL can't switch faster the screen. This also doesn't run faster on a high end computer. The game was designed to move the ball one pixel and not two. Anything else currently breaks the gameplay and makes it unplayable. I can only drop frames to get it faster. Saving the music state makes sense. Currently I don't have the time to optimize it, compared to other stuff it runs really stable and it seems that I will not get under the first 7.
  7. Rebirth Competition Release Thread

    This explains it. There were several apps crashing: Deadly Caves, Dino Defense and Pandafe.
  8. RISC OS Keypad Driver (pndkbd)

    I didn't expected that it will win, but maybe it will help RISC OS to get a little bit more attention.
  9. Rebirth Competition Release Thread

    Good idea, the nubs were configured to joysticks. It is now working again. Thanks.
  10. Rebirth Competition Release Thread

    I installed all pnds on a SD card. Now my (both) nubs are not working anymore. I tried the SD card also with my second Pandora. Now the nubs are not working on both Pandoras. I don't get them working again. I removed all SD cards and removed battery, but nothing helps. First I thought the hardware is defect. Then I tried my RISC OS driver and the nubs are working in RISC OS, but not in Angstrom Linux. Both Pandoras are configured to boot to minimenu. The rebirth Pandora has Super Zaxxon Beta 2. It is also not working with the experimental kernel. The older Pandora has Hotfix 6. Does somebody know what causes this problem? By the way DEADLY CAVES is only working on the newer Pandora. It doesn't start on the old Pandora. I didn't tested the new link above.
  11. There is a port available of RISC OS 5 for the Open Pandora. RISC OS was the first operating system for ARM. The RISC OS port doesn't support the keypad and the nubs. I developed a driver for the keypad. My entry for the Pandora Rebirth Competition has several files which are specific for RISC OS or Linux: pndkbd,3fb - ArcFS archive pndkbdsec,ffc - RISC OS self extracting image pndkbd.tgz - Source code The source code also includes the binary module pndkbd,ffa. RISC OS uses file types which are not supported on any other operating system. Someone invented the special file name scheme. The file type is added to the file name after a comma. If you copy a file to your RISC OS, you need to set the file type using the menu. For the ArcFS archive, you type 3fb in the filer menu. The ArcFS archive can be opened by !ArcFS or !SparkFS. If you don't have a system which boots you need to enter the command "desktop" or "!Boot" at the star prompt and use the self extracting image. Why isn't this packed into ZIP or RAR? I used file formats which are common on RISC OS, because it needs to be compatible with RISC OS. Recommendeted installation procedure: 1. Install RISC OS: http://pandorawiki.o...OS_Installation. You will need an USB keyboard and a USB 2.0 or 3.0 hub until the pndkbd driver is installed. 2. Copy the file pndkbdsec,ffc to a storage device which is readable by RISC OS (e.g. FAT). Rename it to a shorter file name. 3. Set type of file pndkbdsec to ffc in filer menu (middle mouse button to open menu). 4. Run the file pndkbdsec by double click 5. Copy the Directory pndkbdroot.!Boot over your !Boot application ("." is the divider for directories under RISC OS, like "/" under Linux or "\" under Windows). 6. Reboot (or double click on the pndkbd module). The Pandora keypad is now working. You can change the mapping of the keys with *configure pndkey until reboot (see http://www.riscosope...20Key%20Numbers). The Pandora Key is mapped to the Break-key. The L button (Shift) + Pandora Key kills programs which hangs or reboots. The mapping is RISC OS style, so you get the colon by pressing shift + FN + ",". Remember: You still need a mouse and a USB hub until the nubs are working stable. The installed files include a configuration for the LCD. Before this is active you need to click blindly on the disc symbol with the left mouse button. This symbol is in the lower left corner. Therefore it is easier to install RISC OS from a computer which already runs RISC OS and has USB or ZIP disk support (parallel, SCSI or USB). The RISC OS on the Pandora supports ZIP drives connected over USB. The source code is written for cross-compiling it under Linux. I don't have an armv7 compatible Norcroft Compiler (alignment). Therefore I am not able to build a complete RISC OS image. I've a preliminary version where the nubs are working as mouse, but it doesn't run stable. After a short time the software in the nubs seem to hang and I need to reset them. I think it is caused by polling the nubs (instead of using interrupts). I don't have the documentation for the nubs. So I released the current stable version.
  12. How's it going? (2012-03-05)

    Hello, I ordered my rebirth pandora at 19.11.2011. Today I received it (right side on the picture). I compared it to my first batch version (left side on the picture): As I understand the new version should have 512MByte RAM, but the command "free" doesn't show much more than the old pandora. I know that there is a new firmware needed, but there is already something new on the pandora. Can please someone confirm that this normal and will be fixed later? There is something else interesting: The BogoMIPS value shows that the new pandora is slightly faster. The newer ARM CPU seems to be improved, but the test needs to be repeated with the same Linux kernel on both to be sure.