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  1. Hardware. Nubs and PCB pinout.

    I've searched using google, the older version came up.   Now that I'm carefully looking at the wiki I can see that both documents are linked there. I should have paid more attention.
  2. Hardware. Nubs and PCB pinout.

    Thank you comrade! You have been most helpful.   Is this new? I've just downloaded this document (v100) this morning. In fact the attached image comes from that document.
  3. I didn't know where to put this question, I finally decided to use the support forum. Please move this thread as you see fit.   I was reading the wiki and couldn't find any info on nubs pinout. Does anyone knows how those six pads (question marker on the image) precisely relate to the nub pads?   Thanks in advance!  
  4. Cocoa-DOOM

    Oh you dont like the default mapping!  Actually I just taken the prboom config I'm using, I shoot with R, don't use L and X behavior is due to differences in mappings between prboom and prboom+ (found it kind of fun so I leaved X mapped that way). Probably not fixing this one as everyone can choose it's own mapping (and if they did they can't use the default one unless they remove the new custom config). It's a minor thing.   Will test whitemare 2. It will be useful if you can test this wad on the desktop version of prboom+ ( Since it is a test version may aswell be bug/regression and not a pandora specific issue.   EDIT: Whitemare 2 segfaults on pandora and not on windows. I'm going to work right now, when I get back home will start with verbatim code to see which change is causing this segfault.   EDIT 2: Untouched code does segfault after compilation. I'm going to try to fix all the compilation warnings I'm getting (will take a while to complete...). Magic_sam, you mention before that you have successfully compiled prboom-plus, can you test whitemare 2 with that binary to see if it segfaults?
  5. Cocoa-DOOM

    Hi magic_sam.   Ok, I'm away from my pandora right now. But I can tell you this:   1- I can disable that. I remember seeing some SDL calls to show cursor. 2- No clue on this one. Will check when I get back home. 3- There are default controls and worked for me so far. Check for hidden folders in /pandora/appdata/cocoa_doom/. There should be a ./prboom-plus/ folder containing the default config. Will check this aswell (as I may included a wrong file there). 4- Segfaults are strange. Haven't happened to me yet. But maybe this and 2 are related.   Most of this stuff is probably related to something incorrectly packaged. I'm more worried of those segfaults. In the mean time any clues on how to get the segfaults are most welcome. Also try to backup and delete your original /cocoa_doom/ folder, after that try running the pnd again. This should create the necessary folders and files. If there's still no ./prboom-plus folder within /cocoa_doom its because I messed the packaging.   EDIT: I'm in home now. Just tested this after deleting cocoa_doom folder and actually I can confirm anything but segfaults. I've included the wrong config file for prboom-plus so that explains 3. Have to dig about saving, it seems as if pressing enter closes the dialog. Expect a new version in the upcoming days. I apologize for the inconvenience.   EDIT2: I think I fixed all this issues (1, 2 and 3). Please test this attached build. If there aren't any issues left I will push this version to the repo. Can't attach a pnd here so to the repo this goes.
  6. Cocoa-DOOM

    New version available in the repo.   Features: * Original res, double res and triple res (Scale2x and Scale3x available for chocolate versions only). * Notaz special SDL. You can configure how to map the framebuffer into the screen.  * Dual nubs controls (configurable layout) [New in this version] * Cheap zenity script launcher (configurable by editing the file game_list). * Freedoom bundled (this wad is still a wip, there are some missing levels. If you are a wad designer you can help. Head over to you want to contribute). * Chocolate-doom, prboom and freedoom bumped to latest versions.   Enjoy! (and please, report bugs).
  7. Emulators for Windows 8.1 tablets whats best?

    I've recently bought a Miix 2 (baytraill z3740). It works fine. Win 8.1 32bits. I'm looking into installing linux (now UEFI 32bits is supported for using 64bits linux). So far I've tested PCSXr, nestopia, Kega Fusion, Snes 9X, FBA, Project64 and u64emu. All working flawlessly (with real controller). Haven't tested MAME.
  8. @FBnil: Thanks for the heads up. Using Bard actually prevented the issue. @Notaz: Using your command also works. It's a more elegant solution. Will follow your advice and add the command somewhere so it is executed at boot up.   How can this board be defective? It was rather expensive and produced in Germany. The issue is fixed now, lucky that there was a work around.   Thanks everyone for the help!
  9. Thank you for the advice Notaz, but still not working, same behavior. Will add that even though I can do a reset (pandora button + power switch) when frozen the only way of getting the system to boot again is by removing and reinserting the battery.
  10. I'm doing this right now. Will report back.
  11. Both. Same effect. As of now my pandora is on a fresh fullflash install.
  12. Hi. I'm having some free time coming up and I thought of getting my pandora up to speed. So basically I started updating everything, OS included. To my surprise OS version 1.61 worked perfectly fine while 1.71 didn't. On 1.71 anything that involves turning off the display seems to freeze the system (black screen, backlight remain on, system unresponsive). This is happening on a 1Ghz pandora with a rebirth screen.   Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  13. N64 HDMI

      Yes it is. Also the pandora is more expensive than other devices, in the end is about what we value. Back then I was following marshall development of the unit. I value all the work he has done and the time he has invested, so that's why I supported him. On a more personal note my first 64drive had some rare issue which caused the unit to deteriorate until it was useless, Marshal send me another perfectly working unit for free. So I can vouch for his customer support too.
  14. N64 HDMI

    I already have a 64drive and it's excellent in both, quality and functionality. I'm eagerly waiting for this new device. If you are interested you can check this thread for some extra info.
  15. Logo Discussion

    Something like Kingu's logo or Nº1 logo or Nº3 logo will work for me.