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  1. Eldritch

    just as a side note: http://store.steampowered.com/app/252630/ -90% until the 24th... bought it and looking forward to test this
  2. Intel X5-Z8300

    yes but if we can get that running that would allow us to run linux X86 software, won't it? 
  3. Xash3D - Half Life

    well, you can "start" the mod, but it will play like if you used half-life game dll instead of cstrike one... so no buy menu, no custom weapons, nor most of the cstrike features. you can basically walk trough cstrike maps and that's it...
  4. Xash3D - Half Life

    nope, on a x86 PC it might be possible trough xash, using counterstrike game.dll file. but not on the pandora, and anyway, taken directly from xash webside "multiplayer might work, it is not supported"
  5. Classic Pandora as an MP3 -player?

    it's quite a huge mp3 player... but as it was said, quality is top notch, battery life is huge... and you can even use it for other purpose... as for your pocket, I hope you have big pockets...
  6. Windows 10

    we are definitely atypical users, most actual users don't give a damn about such consideration, anyway they publish most of their "private" information themselves without help from the OS already...
  7. Windows 10

    Sorry, but these "risks" only exist for the people who are not already writing all their activities and live on facebook and such... for them, and I fear it include most young peoples, it's not like it would change much...
  8. Diablo

    well.. there's no source, not static recompilation, but still:
  9. Windows 10

    The problem with Metro is that you have two interface clashing... getting rid of the full Metro interface and get back to desktop with a start menu Metro-ish seems to be a nice compromise...
  10. Windows 10

    not yet, I heard it's quite good but I'm not too keen on doing the upgrade, it seems like a giant trap to me, I'll probably wait until I buy a machine with that installed or until I build a new computer and need to buy an OS...
  11. Eldritch

    Nice... I guess I need to buy this game now... (or is it already in my huge backlog?)
  12. Retro consoles and memories.

    my earliest computer memory was from a second hand commodore PET (no not the phone!...)
  13. Commodore PET - Android Smartphone

    phone looks decent... I can definitely get cheaper for a mediatek based phone, but for the rest it is more or less what I need... the dual sim is a boon and If I can get that without the overseas taxes and potential problem at the announced price I might buy that... through I wouldn't be surprised if the announced 300$ becomes 500$+ once it reach Switzerland...   edit: nice update... (or not? ) http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/07/14/commodore-is-not-back-baby-company-slaps-commodore-brand-on-back-of-generic-smartphone-gets-attention/
  14. Absurdism corner

    Sometimes you gotta love false advertising...
  15. Damn, finally broken

    Woah, I'm impressed! It's already back, power led is still always on, not that I expected this issue to be fixed, but the backlight is now working as expected, thanks for that quick repair! There's no document or details with the package, how much do I owe you and how can I pay that back?   br,