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  1. Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

    And also on reddit ...
  2. Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

    I've shown FLIF to a work-mate (also programmer) and he's also very interested in FLIF (he likes lossless image formats and hates lossy ones). There's one thing he pointed out, that it would be great API wise, to have the possibility to provide your own file functions - so that you can replace fopen and the likes with your own functions to be able read from some container format (may it be zip or something else)  
  3. Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

     TBH, really, I'm totally not an expert when it comes to licensing, so LGPL is fine in that regards, but I usually can't use either GPL nor LGPL licensed code. Let's say you want to use it on iOS, dynamic linking is not even possible/allowed, so games or apps that could use your file format greatly in a mobile environment are ruled out from the very beginning.   But I don't want to hold you back from your great invention with licensing discussions, I just wanted to give some input on that side... because I think (I really dont know) the wide adoption of PNG comes from its license: if you want to load images in an app, i think most of the developers will choose libpng - because it's a no-brainer, you just know you won't have any problems with licensing.
  4. Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

    Looks and sounds really awesome what you've achieved. Kudos!   I don't know what you plan long-time with this file format, but IF it should be adopted widely, i think staying with (L)GPL will be a problem. I see it totally useful for browsers, but for example chrome/blink/whatever you call it has AFAIK only dependencies to non-GPL code, also Firefox is MPL (though GPL compatible what i read)... so at least, it would be great to have some BSD style licensed decoder library available. but these are just my 2cents. Also for games, i think that format could be used, that you can display a low-resolution version of the image quite fast and then start updating the textures while the game is already running, steadily increasing the resolution of the texture...
  5. Paper Wars

      That's one of the parts that never got finished
  6. Paper Wars

    Well for the ones who are interested ... this is the "latest" version of Paper Wars, it's quite old already but contains the last 2 maps traylorpark created along the at-that-time-of-the-build work-in-progress AI. So it's by far not the finished version and I also think not the latest version when it comes to AI and UI and such. It also has some bugs, but you get the idea where we've been heading to. I can't give any support for this at the moment, try it at your own risk. If you have feedback, I'll be happy to hear it.
  7. Paper Wars

      Well pitching is quite a lot of work, which requires time, I don't have at the moment. Additionally there are some private contracts which in the end will make it difficult for me going down that road.
  8. Paper Wars

    There's one codebase for all platforms. The platform details are hidden away by abstract interfaces. So e.g. I've an AudioPlayer base class and then there are various implementations of it, like AudioPlayerSDL, AudioPlayerOpenAL, an AudioPlayerWiz which derives from AudioPlayerSDL but directly sets the volume on the Wiz' mixer device. Every platform related class has a static Create function where I decide what to return depending on the build target (Wiz on the Wiz, SDL on most others, OpenAL is not really used atm ). There aren't too many platform specific parts, i try to keep them as small as possible, but they're usually needed when you need well platform specific implementations. I've a socket class that uses winsock on windows, bsd sockets where available, and CFSocket on mac/iOS. I usually try to get away by finding a library that does platform specifics for me, but it's rarely the case, because of either licensing (you can't use LGPL code on iOS because iOS only allows static linking) or now emscripten platform. So i end up using a mixture of both worlds, sometimes using a library on windows and abstracting it away and then implementing the interface for iOS/emscripten. Easiest for me was windows, because I'm developing on the windows platform from the very beginning. The hardest definitely was OSX, because I havent work with a Mac ever before. The most difficult part was to find the right search-terms to get an answer out of google. For windows i just know what to search for, but I was totally lost at the very beginning with OSX.
  9. Paper Wars

    No need to witch-hunt traylorpark ... I totally understand that his life has changed completely, and that he just does not have enough time to work in PW right now. I dont know if it will change anytime soon, though. We dont have any written agreement, it just started as a project by 2 guys who met on the internet. PW is about 99% his idea with some input from my side, so it just doesnt feel right to let someone else change the graphics and sell it under a different name. I'm not the person for this. I also dont have the money to pay someone doing it. And I've burned my fingers once now, so I definitely wont ask some random internet person for help and profit share. I've learned my lesson. at the end of the day I have a core framework, that works on a lot of systems. I'm using it for another non-pandora related project at my job right now. so my work wasnt fully useless.
  10. Paper Wars

    to calm the "discussion" down... there's no reason for placeholder graphics, because it's the way ekianjo said: art is missing, the main menu graphics for example. i dont remember what else, but it wasnt much imho. sound was also/is also missing, but we have been in contact with a composer from the boards, who already picked up work, but also stopped because of obvious reasons. my work was pretty much done. it is feature complete as far as it was initially planned. we were discussing additional ones to spice up gameplay, but there were just one or two mails about that, discussing basic ideas. the iOS version was also already up and running. network games were possible between all supported platforms: iOS, pandora, wiz/caanoo, windows and mac. I even had a version running perfectly fine in the browser by using emscripten - it could have been one of the first full emscripten based games released. so, i have done my part of the job. there are parts that could have done better, but we could have improved that once released with user feedback. replacing the assets with other ones could be a way, but it just doesn't feel right. paper wars lives with its art or dies without.
  11. Paper Wars

    I'm still waiting for traylorpark that he finishes it, because i have had high hopes in it and still have. but the truth is, that i havent heard from him for more than a year now - could be more could be less, but something around that - so i actually dont even know if he is still "working" on it or not. but i seriously doubt it. my girlfriend also just asked me a few days ago if theres something going on. but short answer is plain and simple: no, it's dead. i'm still very angry about that fact. and i dont really know what i'd do if traylorpark one day suddenly returns and surprises me that he wants to finish it. i still feel literally abused, because the work on paper wars was one reason he got his job in "the industry", and as soon as he got it, there was nothing from him anymore. i could elaborate my personal feelings more here, but i think it's not really the right place. but believe me, i still have a hard time when i think about paper wars, and it's difficult to let it go. but i really should.
  12. Improving performance

    you only need to link against libtremor instead of libvorbis to have the fixed point decoder working.   have never worked with allegro, so just guessing here: could changing the mixer format from ALLEGRO_AUDIO_DEPTH_FLOAT32 to ALLEGRO_AUDIO_DEPTH_INT16 help?
  13. @EvilDragon thanks for confirmation   @Ekianjo yeah, please let me know if there's really a problem or not. Don't have that much time to work on anything.   @sebt3 - i know what you mean but well an updated toolchain would be nice to have
  14. hey ptitSeb, sorry to hijack your compatibility thread, but ekianjo noted that apkenv is not working anymore with the update. do you have an updated toolchain available already? I'm still using sebt3's ancient toolchain (virtualbox image) and was never compiling on the pandora directly ... thanks for your help
  15. So, what you backing? [crowdfunders]

    I'm thinking to back Super III and want to raise your attention :-)