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  1. Got the email. queue position 137

    138 checking back in.  It arrived today and is AWESOME!  I bet a couple of my co-workers will want to go for one!   No chrome though is a huge issue.  Been a while since I cross compiled something, maybe that'll be my weekend project..   Thanks ED!   Ian
  2. Got the email. queue position 137

      So ... my Craig order is still awaiting more pre-order stock I expect.    My ED order: ordered Saturday, shipped Monday (with DragonBox email and UPS email with tracking), delivered Wednesday. I checked everything I ordered was in stock (order was 1Gz, extra battery, 2 extra sticks, case). I had a 32GB SD card Class16 already (from Amazon, ordered with my Craig Preorder) and wooden box was out of stock.    CORRECTION: 4 emails: Payment accepted, order summary (both Saturday), Shipped notification and tracking(both Monday).
  3. Got the email. queue position 137

    FYI, I received this from OPL this AM:   Just to let you know Michael will be shipping your order this week. Thank you again for your patience. Kind regards Jacquelyn   !!!!!   How long do they take to ship to canada?
  4. Got the email. queue position 137

    I'm 138, I'll check back in when I hear.  Sounds like next week.   !!!
  5. Got the email. queue position 137

      Don't think so.  I'm 138 and haven't received any messages yet.   I think ED sends them in batches though and he seems quite busy with the contest.  It's been 4 1/2 years, I can wait another week or so..  
  6. Apple report

      Fewer than they've had in the past I think.  Their important measure is stock price and that hasn't done all that well lately.   It's been a very long time since Apple innovated, now they just iterate and litigate.
  7. Got the email. queue position 137

    I'm 138, but no messages yet...  Guess I'm next!   Great work ED!
  8. I assume the 70 units referred to is the 1Ghz test-run upgrade group? Didn't we give you the money to purchase those? Were you expecting to just sell 70 units off some credit that ED owed you and use our cash for something else? Sorry man, you blew a lot of trust and credibility (with me at least) when you failed to deliver the 1Ghz Pandoras. It really stings that my attempt to help out (and get a better device) backfired so badly. I'm sorry the last few years have been such a drain on you, CC really screwed this up, and that was completely out of your control. However the most recent chapter of this story hasn't been very sympathetic. That said, I do still believe you're looking for a way to make this work. I like the idea of the small inventor producing a great device against the odds. Ian
  9. I see the same thing. Telus/Kamloops. You cannot access our store from your country. We apologize for the inconvenience. It's definitely something from the store software. I don't have any filters or proxies in the way, and the page is being served from https://www.dragonbox.de/en/.
  10. Upgrades, a compo and a special game (2012-11-28)

    Wow, how ironic would it be if my original preorder would have been shipped in this batch, but since I upgraded to a 1Ghz I missed it.. Stay positive... Stay positive...
  11. [Portrequest] XBMC

    I need to sleep more. Single parenting a three and a one year old who doesn't sleep well is really hard work. Wife's back on tuesday tho! Man! I really got that mixed up hey?
  12. [Portrequest] XBMC

    So the Pandora's DSP is wired differently than the Pi's? How can that be when it's the same SoC? I would have thought we could just about drop a Pi image on an SD card and make it work (granted all the 'outside' stuff probably would need work). And ya, GStreamer has been heavily supported by TI. As far as XBMC goes though, the Pi XBMC should work with accel if we can provide an equivalent OS/modules environment for it to run in shouldn't it? I remember way back there was an issue with using the DSP because RAM needed to be set aside for it and there wasn't enough. But then that was back with the OMAP, so perhaps not relevant for the 1Ghz ones?
  13. [Portrequest] XBMC

    The Pi port of XBMC is brilliant because they've taken the time to incorporate the Broadcom hardware accelerated codecs for MPEG4 and MPEG2(with additional license). Otherwise XBMC would be useless on an ARM11 @700Mhz. What *should* work out for us is that the DM3730 in the 1Ghz Pandora has TI codecs available for many many codecs. A killer app for me is the ability to use the Pandora as a MythTV frontend so I can watch my live/timeshifted MPEG2 @ 12MBps and MPEG4 @ 5MBps recordings. Has anyone even tried to use the TI codecs with GStreamer or anything else? This is the challenge I'll concentrate on if/when I get my Pandora.