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  1. Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    Not the tearing but there is a small square visible in the top right corner when playing a game   edit.: It's not impossible to nagivate to the rom directory, I can still use the d-pad for that edit2.: The small square seems to be gone... it's only in the menus now
  2. Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    Should the issue with pressing the "^" quitting the app be solved by now? I still have this problem with the most recent version (Only tested the SNES emu)   edit.: and the top-right box is still there for me, I also have a CC model
  3. Vice C64 Emulator 2.3.23

    I deleted the appdata and still get the mouse pointer. Maybe I wasn't precise enough, here is a picture: The mouse is only visible when I disable the fullscreen and let the border show up (some games I play use it)
  4. Vice C64 Emulator 2.3.23

    I asked this a few months ago but didn't get an answer. Can I hide the mouse pointer when disabling the fullscreen mode? Sorry to ask this again but I couldn't figure it out on my own.
  5. Jazz Jackrabbit 2

    Looks fantastic, thank you
  6. gdash (Boulder Dash-like)

    I checked it out for a few minutes. This might get my new "play before going to sleep game". Thanks for the port
  7. Help with Neko Project II

    The trick with creating the appdata folder "xnp2" doesn't work for me. It still takes me back to the desktop.
  8. BurgerSpace

    I downloaded the new build beforde but I think the cause was the old appdata folder. I deleted it and now it works
  9. PPSSPP, Emulator for PSP

    @ptitSeb: Yes, that was it. I installed a swap file and now it works. Thanks
  10. BurgerSpace

    The game doesn't work for me. I do have a different output file I think. I have a CC and 1.71 installed directly  
  11. PPSSPP, Emulator for PSP

    Jep, I mean the previous build. I'm running it directly.
  12. PPSSPP, Emulator for PSP

    I'm running SZ 1.71 on a CC   here is the pndrun_PPSSPP.out file BTW: the last version worked just fine
  13. PPSSPP, Emulator for PSP

    I just tried out the new version but when I want to start a game it always quits the emulator. I tried deleting the appdata folder but it didn't change anything.
  14. [Request] Genesis Plus GX

      Sorry, I can't tell you that. I subscribed to the guy on youtube, that's how I found out about this. I don't own a gcw
  15. [Request] Genesis Plus GX

      Alright then never mind. I just saw a video of it running on the gcw and thought I was an easy one to port.   edit.: here is the video if anybody is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILIuAmgsCYY