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  1. A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    I'm seriously lusting after the safety orange model .. I can't get over how great it looks.  As someone who loses his Pandora at least once a month, that'd be a real bonus!  
  2. A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    Wow thanks Neelix .. I'm loving the safety orange, I hope I can get someone to make a case like that for me one day .. ;)
  3. Still got my GP2X collection, a Wiz, a Caannoo .. two Pandora's.  Can't stand the idea of getting rid of any of 'em, even though I hardly use any but the Pandora.  Would be nice to dig them out and play, maybe I'll do it soon .. 
  4. How to calculate a price for the Pyra

    Then most interesting thing in this thread:  
  5. A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    Can someone do a render with Safety Orange?    
  6. amsynth

    Okay I've been jamming with it for the last 30 minutes, got MIDI working with .. I guess .. OSS (/dev/midi1) .. the latency is pretty bad, I'm finding.  This is on my First-Batch Pandora though, so maybe there's something to be done with the CPU speed to improve the situation .. have any of you noticed latency differences between qjackctl and OSS raw MIDI device usage?  Maybe there's a way to tweak it to get better latency. ..  EDIT: one more thing - it doesn't look like amsynth shows up in the menu properly .. I can't find it in any sub-menu, but I am able to run it directly with PNDManager .. can someone else confirm it creates a menu item?  I may only have selected "Desktop icon" for install .. 
  7. A first look at the new keymat

    One of the reasons I'm so supportive of the Pandora/Pyra projects is because you are such a great guy, Evildragon - thanks for sharing these details with us and keeping us all the loop.  I'm sure future F/OSS analysts are going to look back at this project for enlightenment on how to handle a F/OSS hardware project properly .. 
  8. amsynth

    Great work Canseco - does this work with USB MIDI, by any chance?  I guess I'll spend some time to find out ..  
  9. Two preorders approaching!

    I'm in the situation that I don't have the full 290eu right now to get in on ED's pre-preorder, but I *did* try to support the iCP2 and was a backer of it - so if there's some way I can get my iCP2 voucher applied to this so I can get in on the pre-preorder, I'd love to take advantage of that.  Link, can you fill us in - maybe Evildragon, you can confirm or deny, either way, that iCP2 victims will be taken over into the pre-preorder scheme?  If that's possible, let me know (maybe there's an "ICP2VICTIM" voucher code to be used somewhere?) and I'll be sure to take up the offer.   
  10. Keymat Sample Pictures!

    Wow, the Pyra is going to be one sexy device.  Can't wait!  
  11. Get ready to rumble!

    Damnit, I have to wait this one out due to cash limits.  I guess I'll be late to this party.  But anyway: Well done gang!   You're an awesome team and it has been immensely rewarding watching you push this through over the years .. can't wait for the age of Pyra to begin!  
  12. MOAI will definitely be ported, I'll do it myself .. and there are a ton of good commercial games done in MOAI ..
  13. Beta: Oricutron for Pandora (1.0.9)

    Haven't had it on my cards but I'll see about doing a new port this week ..
  14. Battle zone was freed a while ago !

    Loved this game when it came out, and it sure is a blast to be playing it now .. only thing is, how does one get it in fullscreen mode? Would be amazing to have this on Pandora - with the nubs - and especially with multiplayer mode.
  15. Jumping into ARM assembly

    This is probably one of the best threads I've ever seen on OPB.  You guys rock!