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  1. If the pixel density gets so high you can't even perceive the individual pixels, that is when the screen is best, and going further would be pointless. I'm not sure if 1440P on a 5" inch screen is at that point yet, but 720P definitely is not, and more than 4K would most likely be the end for small screens until we get bionic eye upgrades. I also recall a Citra thread on here, and you all shot it down. If the Pyra had specs that can compete it just might be able to emulate 3DS, and a 720P display just isn't good enough for emulating the 3DS, especially if you want to up the internal resolution.
  2. As for the argument of: "Well we don't need X specs because Y specs is good enough" It's still going to be roughly the same price or more expensive than signigicantly stronger phones. And Target market doesn't matter. If I target a step stool at kids, short people can still buy and use it if it's superior to another step stool specifically targeted to short people.
  3. Already did 1440P is a lot for a mobile screen, and that's a good thing. As for performance, with 1440P being double of 720P, you could easy just render it at 720P and upscale. It being upgradable does not excuse poor specs at launch. By the time you release a Pandora 3, stuff like 4K screens and 8GB RAM would probably be standard in $600 phones. And Android is pretty open (unlike iOS) and can be rooted and there's no lockdown on what apps you can run.
  4. The Galaxy S6 is already here. It's roughly the same price the Pyra will be, but it's significantly stronger. 1440P vs 720P screen, 3GB DDR4 RAM vs 2GB RAM, A57 and A53 dual quad core CPUs vs dual A15 quad core CPUS, etc, etc. And there are controller attachments out there to give phones real game controls. Plus the Galaxy S6 at $600-$700 is roughly the same price as what the Pyra is estimated to be. Overall, the Pyra will just be dead upon release unless it gets serious spec upgrades. I was hyped when I heard that the Pandora was getting a successor, but it just seems like it'll be a major disappointment.
  5. What about extending the RAM through an SD Card?

    Thanks, guys, that really put it into perspective. So readyboost/Swap really only helps when your device is severely low on RAM (compared to its usage of it).
  6. What about extending the RAM through an SD Card?

    How fast is the Open Pandora's RAM? Isn't it something like 166MHz and 200MHz for the GHz model? I managed to get my SD Card's write speed on my laptop up to a range between 4MB/s to 4.3MB/s (by formatting it to exFAT with 32MB blocks).   How fast is 1MHz in MB/s? Is it like 1MHz = 1MB/s, or what?
  7.   Hmm, is anyone here with a 1ghz pandora willing to try what (s)he just did to see if it'll run regular Runescape (not talking about Oldschool?
  8. Does overclocking the system damage it over time? I've heard that overclocking can damage CPUs so that they don't last as long as they would if you hadn't overclocked.
  9. Few questions: 1. Can the Pandora Rebirth (600MHz, 512MB RAM) run N64 and Playstation emulation at full speed?   2. Can the Pandora Rebirth (600MHz, 512MB RAM) run Playstation emulation with maximum enhanced resolution (at least up to the Pandora's resolution) and textures (like how ePSXe does it) at full speed?   3. If #2 is no, can the 1GHz model do it?   4. Does Netflix work well on the Pandora? If so, what's the difference between running Netflix on the 600MHz and 1GHz models?
  10. Does the P2 need a dedicated charging port

    @Binky: While the P2 has the potential to be able to receive high voltage, it has to be used with a device that can output high voltage to get the full effect. Think about it like this: While your HDTV (the Pandora) can receive HD video, your VHS player (device that's incapable of outputting high voltage) can't output HD video, so your HDTV wouldn't get full HD video when receiving video from your VHS. In order to receive HD video for your HDTV, you'd need a blu-ray player (device that can output high voltage). Of course, this problem could easily be solved by using a USB-to-wall-plugin adaptor.
  11. What about extending the RAM through an SD Card?

    What large games like Runescape? In order to bump up the graphics settings you'd need more RAM. @TrashyMG: Efficient systems are good, but efficient systems with even more RAM are better. That's why I created this thread.
  12. What about extending the RAM through an SD Card?

    I don't see how the 3DS is relevant in this topic.
  13. What about extending the RAM through an SD Card?

    There could be plenty of programs and games that could use the extra RAM. I'd imagine that tough to emulate systems, like the DS, would need more RAM to run properly. . . DS emulation on the Pandora could most definitely use the extra RAM. My laptop can't even emulate Golden Sun Dark Dawn (a DS game) at full speed without using Readyboost, and it has 2GB of DDR2 RAM. After adding 7.21GB of virtual RAM with readyboost, it's able to emulate Golden Sun Dark Dawn at full speed. . Imagine how much better DS emulation on the OP Pandora could be if you simply added virtual RAM through one of the SD Card slots.
  14. By remote desktop, I was talking about while you're in your own house on your WiFi or connected directly to the PC.
  15. Basically, would it be possible to have a background process similar to Readyboost on PCs that uses space on the SD Card for extra RAM? This could give the Pandora a pretty good speed up. My laptop (normally) does Super Mario Sunshine emulation at a steady 5 fps in levels. After I reformatted my SD Card to exFat with 32MB blocks (yes, mega bytes, that's not a typo) and reserved all 7.21GB to readyboost, Super Mario Sunshine emulation shot up to 7-9fps and Mario Kart Double Dash emulation shot up to around 20-25 fps (MKDD emulation was around 15fps before). Also Playstation 1 emulation that just barely ran at full speed with with minimum settings and sound errors (trying to fix the sound issues slowed it down) was able to be cranked up to max settings with HD and improved textures at full speed after reserving the space on the SD Card for Readyboost. That's how much of a difference a program like Readyboost can make.