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  1. centus added a post in a topic A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012)   

    Thanks for the update and honesty ED!

    One thing I am confused about, why can't you pick up the phone and talk to Craig? why are you relying on information he's posted on these forums for your business plan?
    I thought you two are supposed to be partners, it's one thing for Craig to hide information from us users, but from you???
  2. centus added a post in a topic Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)   

    Just to make sure I got it right, the upgrade to 1Ghz for an original pre-order is around 320 euro?
    If that's the case, I think I'll just extend my 4 year long patience a little longer, donated 20 euro though..
  3. centus added a post in a topic 1GHz units, Classic units, repairs and TV-Out Cables (2012-08-24)   

    I do wonder why Craig is not responding to this thread...
    Probably busy watching the KS page like a hawk, can't blame him for that one though, very stressful situation.
    However, as an original non-upgraded pre-order from October 2008, I must say I am disappointed by the way Craig is handling his business...
  4. centus added a post in a topic A thought on power issues over in the support forum   

    just a thought here. you ARE aware of the fact 12mm is 1.2cm right?
    something sounds wrong in that math for a paint thickness...
  5. centus added a post in a topic Current status?   

    Thanks ED, as always, you step up to the plate and deliver the truth...
    I only wish Craig was as forthcoming with information...
    I ordered around October 7th 2008 from his store (I remember the date as it was the day my daughter was born) and I still have no idea when I would get mine...
    I must admit I am sorry I didn't order from your store instead... knowing what I do today about both of you, I trust you much more to deliver on your promises.

    Keep it up!
  6. centus added a post in a topic Current status?   

    ED, at the risk of being annoying I'll repeat the part of the original question you didn't answer.
    How many of the original pre-orders are still left in your queue?
    I'm assuming you have no idea how many Craig has, and god knows he has been avoiding this question for a while...

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!
  7. centus added a post in a topic How much more until the first batch is fininshed shipped? 2008 order here.   

    And would it be rude to ask how many unshipped original batch 1 orders you still have Craig?
  8. centus added a post in a topic Faster delivery/upgrade - Craig's orders   

    Congrats to all those who got theirs!

    But, being one of those who ordered back in 2008 and avoided a refund only to help out (I am almost certain my daughter who was born on the day I ordered it would play with it more these days... ), I can't help but feel like all of the devices Craig got from ED went to upgraders, is that true?
    Assuming it is, and seeing as Craig is now taking new orders on his site again, and also assuming those will get shipped before old-non-upgraded-orders, does this mean I will never see my Pandora?
    I was very patient thus far and it would truly sadden me if I had to tell my wife she was right and got for a refund, heck, I'm not even sure I would even ask for one... I've already written off that expense 2 years ago...

    Craig, any words of comfort?
  9. centus added a post in a topic SuperZaxxon - Beta 2 released   

    OK, how about this:

    have two sleep scripts, one safe and one unsafe (no unmount).
    Make it user configurable and leave the default as safe.

    This way everyone is happy, whoever knows what they are doing would use the unsafe one, and all others would use the safe.

    What do you think?

    I'd be happy to test it out myself, but no Pandora yet.... (since October 2008 and counting...
  10. centus added a post in a topic SuperZaxxon - Beta 2 released   

    At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, this is Linux, why can't we change the kernel sleep routine to make sure it does not unmount the SD cards?
  11. centus added a post in a topic Discussion about SPM / Repo (Split from other topic)   

    An interestingly related thing just came up on Engadget:
  12. centus added a post in a topic Pandora on Slashgear   

    Only if you're Mayan...
  13. centus added a post in a topic Pandora on Slashgear   

    You my friend, are the sole reason my money is still yours!
    your optimism and will to go on are an inspiration.

    I'm with you to the end.
    Hopefully it's not that far.
  14. centus added a post in a topic Pandora on Slashgear   

    I think we MUST be insane (waiting since October 7th 2008)...
    I ordered it the day my 3 yo daughter was born, have updated my address to China for an 18 months relocation which is ending in 6 months...
    I just hope I get it while I still have the mental capacity to use it..
  15. centus added a post in a topic A tale of snow, tons of server requests and coordinates (2011-12-16)   

    I almost wrote off the 300+ $ I paid for my Pandora when my 3 year old daughter was born...
    It would be amazing if I actually end up getting it and have her play on it on the first day I get it!

    Happy to see you have not given up Evildragon, keep it up!