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  1. iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    Already have a mini bluetooth keyboard, decided to go for the ipega myself. 
  2. iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    *turns blue*
  3. iCP2: They're throwing in the towel.

    I've kept quiet regarding this whole escapade, but as a backer I am now going to say... what a complete and utter f*cking shambles this entire process has been. I won't be holding my breath for a refund any time this millennium....   Time to invest in one of the other similar devices now available on the market methinks...
  4. It won't shut down!

    d'oh! Blonde moment, ignore me! It was plugged in lol
  5. It won't shut down!

    I guess this is better than it not switching on, but I can't get my pandora to stay switched off! Sometimes it will go off but then it will power itself on again - the only surefire way I have of switching it off is removing the battery but I'm not sure this is entirely healthy for the unit. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  6. Pandora keeps restarting

    New unit arrived yesterday! Woop!
  7. Pandora keeps restarting

    I've messaged Craig directly about this
  8. Pandora keeps restarting

    OK, well this is looking like its not fixable, not by me anyway. Should I contact Craig directly as I bought it from him?
  9. Pandora keeps restarting

    Right well I have power going to it again, however the initial problem still exists, it just keeps restarting over and over again, no matter what I do. This happens with the battery inserted and without a battery at all. Help!
  10. Pandora keeps restarting

  11. Pandora keeps restarting

    Ok well I've tried with the two batteries I have, the in box charger, a psp charger that I know for a fact is good as it charges my psp, and still not getting anything from the pandora. No red LED to show its charging, won't switch on, it's just dead. Not exceptionally happy considering I've only had it for a couple of months, but I guess this is the nature of these kind of things! Where do I need to send it to to get it sorted?
  12. Pandora keeps restarting

    No red light when its plugged in, so I presume its not charging. Same when I plug it in via usb. I have a psp charger somewhere I will try that
  13. Pandora keeps restarting

    Hahaha good replies guys! Been v busy so only just got a chance to look at it but it's not even charging from the mains supply, I guess I need to send the unit back? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! John
  14. Pandora keeps restarting

    What colour? Er... its black
  15. Pandora keeps restarting

    Thanks for the prompt response.Tried that, to no avail. I don't think that's the problem though, if I get to the boot menu by pressing R then it quite happily stays switched on - its only once it starts trying to boot that the screen fades and it starts over again. The power LED stays on the entire time.