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  1. 32c3 Talk. Need a bit of support

    Stressing the value of community / volunteer input to the Pandora/Pyra project is very important IMHO. When you look at the size of the user base for Pandora and look what the community has achieved the results are mind boggling. Things like the Repo, firmware work, PND Manager, etc. etc. Are as good or better than the equivalents for many devices with millions of users.
  2. Pi Zero - the $5 computer

    Very nearly posted this in absurdism corner, but you can now get a computer given away for free with a magazine, or buy it for £4 / $5. From the official website :   The Raspberry Pi Zero is half the size of a Model A+, with twice the utility. A tiny Raspberry Pi that’s affordable enough for any project! 1Ghz, Single-core CPU 512MB RAM Mini HDMI and USB On-The-Go ports Micro USB power HAT-compatible 40-pin header Composite video and reset headers No idea at the 'computing power' of such a system but my guess is we'd be looking at something like a rebirth Pandora with a bit of overclocking. What a time to be alive.
  3. A date with the Pyra

    As my wise old Grandma (almost) used to say : 'It's all fun and games until someone falls off a roof!' ;)
  4. Refugee Situation in Europe

    If you committed a crime would you expect the fact that you are an immigrant to be brought up in reports of that crime? ______________ The refugee situation in Europe is an enormous clusterfuck on many levels. IMHO Europe should look to the UK for a lead on dealing with the crisis in Syria, i.e. massive funding for refugee camps in neighbouring safe countries and only accepting refugees from camps in neighbouring safe countries. There is no point in having asylum laws that state you must claim refugee status in the first safe country that you reach and then just ignoring this and inviting all comers as per Germany & Sweden.
  5. Can we have a more structured forum now?

    Is that not the point of the guest section? Had a quick look and can't see any signs of the stated purpose being abused, which is : You are interested but don't want to register just to ask a few questions? You can do that here - and get answers from both community and team members.
  6. Ikaruga (GC) JP Version On EU Wii ?

    Hi Magic Sam, You could rip the disc or download the ISO and run it from a USB HDD using this guide.
  7. A date with the Pyra

    Should it be advertised as a device that runs emulators? I agree that it would be utter folly to base the success of Pyra on it being an Android based system, however it might give an appreciable sales boost if Android was an option. @ Yoyobuae : Interesting stuff about the licensing issues, seems to make official support for a 'full' Android experience a bit more difficult.
  8. Have you received the replacement battery yet? For some reason I've never been able to fathom not all Pandoras will work without a battery.
  9. A date with the Pyra

    Sounds entirely reasonable, from a personal perspective I'm in no rush to have a fully functional version of Android on the Pyra, as long as it comes one day I'll be happy. However I do think that having the option of Android available at launch would prove favourable with reviewers and would therefore help to boost sales.  
  10. Best Android handheld atm?

    Do you have a budget? GPD Xd looks like the best choice however be aware if you order from China (or elsewhere outside the EU) you should be required to pay VAT (or you might not if you get lucky)  
  11. A date with the Pyra

    There are quite a few Android based Tablet / Laptop hybrids as well as a selection of dedicated clip on keyboards. This suggests to me that there is a subset of the worlds 1 Billion plus Android users that do value a hardware keyboard, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest this might be because they do a lot of typing (email, office apps etc.). This subset is rather small, and the percentage that would buy a Pyra due to it running Android & having a hardware keyboard is probably a small fraction of Android + Keyboard users. However, even if just 1000 Android users could be persuaded to buy a Pyra, because they had the OPTION of running Android, then that would be a worthy boost to Sales IMHO. Due to the relatively high cost of Pyra hardware I think that a major aspect that will impact on the sales figures will be an ability to clearly stress the unique / unusual aspects of the Pyra project. One unusual feature that IMHO would appeal to potential users is the OPTIONAL ability to easily install and use multiple OS's.
  12. A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    Deep Purple for the Dragonbox Pyra would be my choice Quick Photoshop hack rather than a render :
  13. A date with the Pyra

    I 100% agree that Android should be the 'minor partner' when it comes to the Pyra OS choice, hence the suggestion that out of 10 dev units it would make sense to provide 1 for Android development and 9 for Linux. However your argument about cost could equally be applied to any aspect of the Pyra, i.e. it will be a niche device because of the high cost & small team. It seems reasonable to me that there might be a thousand Android users (out of the global user base of more than 1 Billion) who would sufficiently value the inclusion of a hardware keyboard & gaming controls to buy a Pyra. However having the option of dual booting may well be enough to sway a few thousand more as well as providing the Pyra with another thing that clearly differentiates it from devices such as the Nvidia portable etc. (i.e. it's designed to run multiple OS's)  @ hns : I like the sound of Replicant as an option, however I'm guessing that this version of Android will not include the Google Apps (Play Store, Photos, Maps, Google Office etc.) that most Android users would expect to see. How easy would it be for a user to install the Google Apps on a system running Replicant?
  14. A date with the Pyra

    @ ED : Please give some serious thought on providing a prototype to someone who is willing to create a fully functional version of Android for Pyra. It's appreciated that having the option of Android will not appeal to everyone here, however the appeal to existing Android users and reviewers should not be underestimated IMHO. A great way to get a version of Android for Pyra would be to use the AOSP rom, pre root it & include the Exposed framework with a dedicated module for Pyra, this module would include things like rotation control, default selection of hardware keyboard etc. I'm in no way suggesting that Android should be the main focus for the Pyra but if there are 10 dev units then sending 1 to an Android developer would be highly worthwhile IMHO.
  15. Has anyone here seen Mr Robot? Best thing I've seen on TV for ages, the central themes of the show are hacking & mental illness, don't think I've ever seen either so well portrayed on the big or small screen. I can just imagine Elliot tapping away on a Pandora / Pyra