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  1. QupZilla

    very nice update, works fine so far.
  2. Pi Zero - the $5 computer

      I was not saying this would be as powerful as the Pandora - my point was simply that at this kind of size, it would be easier to integrate in a shell like a Pandora's and have it connect to a screen and a keyboard  in a reduced space. With the Raspberry Pi it was too big and bulky to make this form factor possible, but now that's basically feasible even for amateur projects.
  3. by the way where can one find the DOS version of Fallout ? Is it available anywhere?
  4. I saw the video of PtitSeb, it's better than before on Pandora but still the FPS is a little too low to be perfectly playable. But still a great improvement vs the slideshow it used to be
  5.   that would be awesome - why is your build much better than the ones we have though ? 
  6. Pi Zero - the $5 computer

    This could be a serious basis to make a Pandora-like device in terms of form factor.  The pyra should be massively more powerful, but size wise this should make small portable consoles a lot easier to make now. 
  7.   Very nice ! Screamer runs very nicely ! Let us know when you have Screamer 2
  8.   I'm not 100% sure but 99% confident that the first Fallout also had a DOS version on top of the Windows version
  9. If you can also test Screamer and Screamer 2 this will provide some good idea if the 3D performance is great or not  on Pandora it runs pretty badly. 
  10. Wing Commander Saga

    impressive work, i need to test that!! :)
  11. Diablo 2

    Notaz, for the setup part, since I dont have a WIndows install anymore, is it OK to use WINE on a x86 pc for the setup steps you mentioned in the repo ? Would that work as well ? 
  12. Worth picking up a Playstation TV?

    these things are useless and they are getting rid of them because it's EOL.
  13. Diablo 2

    Very impressive release! I thought Diablo 2 would never see the light of day in this way. Looks like notaz either has better tools to work with now, or has been on this for many months...
  14.   Nope, it's supposed to start by showing you a file dialog... strange it does not work for you, I did a reflash for 1.72 and it worked fine right after.