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  1. Hoverboard

  2. Lenovo - WTF?

    Dell obviously has the same shit and is calling it eDellRoot. Courtesy goes to WizardStan for finding this.
  3. Absurdism corner

      This is exactly how I imagine some of the coders here on this board!
  4. The PC World Is A Cluster Duck

      Everything that makes you feel better about yourself helps with depression, this is seldomly a chemical trait.
  5. The PC World Is A Cluster Duck

      I'm only eating ice cream that is based on coconut, soy, rice or lupine and especcially the coconut based ice cream from Asia is quite good although still quite unknown in the west. We got a big import complex around here for such things. I haven't been able to get lupine ice cream for a while though, quite a shame.
  6. Refugee Situation in Europe

    ^ Someone should tell her, that gluttony is a capital sin but wizardry is not and she'll go to hell. Wasn't pre-zombie Jesus a wizard himself? -------------------------------------------------------------   Ken Jebsen (German language) about Paris; elites; arms manufacturers; oil; institutionalized terror; police states; hatred, fear and religion as tools for creating useful idiots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWPnsh1kd7M
  7. Absurdism corner

    A hundred years from now there'll possibly be jokes like this if the old British humour is still around: https://www.facebook.com/faisalsalmutar/posts/906729506085781
  8. Refugee Situation in Europe

      Nice accusation. I'd be ashamed if I were to accuse someone of this without knowing much about him. You can't imagine how many religious and philosophical texts I've read in different translations and I have no problem finding such quotes myself, thank you. Have you actually checked them all btw? At least the quote you posted isn't an order to massacre someone without mercy or imprison and hit disobedient women although it's still nothing shiny, but how exactly does one shit get better if you find other shit elsewhere? The deflection with Christianity is something everybody seems to be trained in, problem is: I would do and have done the same with Christianity since I'm opposed to all abrahamitic religions. What do you expect from desert religions where it's mostly about who gets the oasis for his own people? It's a fact, that Islam is perfect for spreading hatred, intolerance, mysoginy and a really dangerous superiority complex and therefore is a perfect handbook for screwed up people to justify these things. I wish there'd at least be a division of religion and state in there, but sadly it's quite the opposite. You should be happy, that most muslims don't take their religion too seriously or we'd be really screwed. Most objective people with muslim heritage that I know share my opinion. I'm not allowed to call them "ex-muslims", since apostasy is forbidden and will be punished (in my town usually by family members, often by death; in Sharia states officials take care of this), remember. Nothing will change if people deny the facts over and over again and wave every based criticism away with slur and slander and the fact is, that this stuff badly needs reformation instead of support. I'm speaking of support that is leading to Quran schools on European soil where the children/teens have to watch videos where stonings of women that didn't really do anything wrong are shown and learn, that this is great justice. This actually happens, I've heard it first hand from one of those girls that have to watch and stay silent right here in Germany.
  9. Refugee Situation in Europe

    Since stuff like this tragically always has to be mentioned to be allowed to have an opinion: Please don't put me into some xenophopics drawer. I'm working with immigrants for years and had several colleagues from the middle east of which some have gone back and some stayed in Germany. My workshop is one of the most integrative places you can find around here which is only natural since our customers are just like the conceptual origins of our products from the middle east in many/most cases. We'd take a Syrian worker anytime, especcially if s/he knows a thing or two about folk instruments from the area but also if s/he just would like to work on stuff like this and is a decent person. Most of the people we had from the area weren't very reliable (as in coming sometime on the day of the week one agreed upon, even if some hours later) and my Cuban colleague isn't reliable either, but it's still ok up to a point and we are managing to handle it. And it's often just nice to have contact to people from all around the world and seeing how similar we are in some ways. We've helped a homeless guy off the streets (which was way more tedious and sometimes impossible paperwork than with the immigrants, sadly) and the ex of my boss has even given an Asian refugee refuge in her appartment for a while. It wasn't easy although the culture clash was way less intense as it is now, but it was a good thing. You just have to be realistic in what you can and what you can't do and just opening floodgates without setting any limit is an awful idea. I may have to migrate a second time in my life (I was a refugee too once after all) as soon as I can afford it anyway, so I just wish that you guys aren't getting the results I see coming. It's affecting me atm, since in order to be able to afford another migration or at least a better life than in this 29m² sardine housing, I need affordable space for a well organized workshop of my own and affordable space is becoming an even bigger problem now although it was a big problem already before.   BTW: Since I've got some regular contact to Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis, Israelis, etc.... through work, today I've heard about posters made by Germany posted in Afghanistan saying (in Arabic) that they shouldn't come here, we wouldn't take anyone. So Syrians are worth more than Afghans now? How come? Isn't this considered to be racist in some way? If you're open to refugees, you may set a limit to what you can handle, but up to this point you should take people from anywhere since everything else seems unfair, doesn't it?   Makes me think of article three of the German basic law:     Not saying that it ever wasn't hypocritical.
  10. Refugee Situation in Europe

      Yes and that's why the secularization of Europe in the last 50 years was a really good thing! We can't expect the same to happen instantly with the majority of those people though, after a while maybe if it's a healthy dosis of migration, but not like this. Imho, the borders should be shut down now immediately until the people that are already here are properly managed, mostly by dividing the huge numbers by more countries. Nobody is gaining by the steady increase of people, not them (the conditions in the camps get worse by the minute) and certainly not us.   I've heard something about 30.000 refugees from Syria in France, is this right? Well we've got 800.000 officially and about 1.5 Million unofficially, this is just insane if you think about the fact, that we only have 80million citizens and problems handling those already if you look at the wage gap between eastern and western Germany, how many working people in the eastern part have to get additional money from the state in order to be able to pay the absurd rents (although they are working already as I've mentioned) and how hard it is for young people in the north-east to simply get a place to stay if they don't have any support by their heritage/family. People that are able to travel all this way are seldomly the ones that are really bad off and the ones that were so bad off indeed naturally had to leave any scruples behind in order to get this far (resulting in stuff like I mentioned and way worse stuff inside of the camps). All this badly needs to be decentralized because nothing good can come out of it like it is handled now. In addition to this, the root of the problem where they come from has to be removed, as bad as this may sound.   Good politicians would need three things at the same time: Idealism, pragmatics and empathy. If you lack any of the three at any topic, you'll make bad decisions and the one that are neccessary afterwards will become even more unpopular than the ones you should have made.
  11. Refugee Situation in Europe

      In general you are right since no matter the religion, people who think that killing innocents is good are always already screwed up, but a cultural basis like this isn't helping at all, go check the Quran for: "Sura 2, Āya 190-193" "Sura 2, Āya 216-217" "Sura 2, Āya 223" "Sura 3, Āya 86-91" "Sura 4, Āya 34" "Sura 4, Āya 89" "Sura 5, Āya 38" "Sura 8, Āya 12" "Sura 8, Āya 17" "Sura 9, Āya 5" "Sura 9, Āya 14" "Sura 9, Āya 29" "Sura 9, Āya 111" "Sura 9, Āya 113" "Sura 17, Āya 33" "Sura 24, Āya 2" "Sura 24, Āya 62" "Sura 33, Āya 61" "Sura 40, Āya 10" "Sura 41, Āya 24" "Sura 44, Āya 16" "Sura 47, Āya 4" "Sura 48, Āya 20" "Sura 48, Āya 29" "Sura 60, Āya 1" "Sura 61, Āya 4" "Sura 61, Āya 9" "Sura 98, Āya 6"   Sorry for the nasty facts.   What we need, are more people like Maajid Nawaz that know what they are talking about if we want to have any chance of deradicalization and in the end reducing the danger of us or our loved ones being shot and blown to pieces, especcially if we are so unfortunate to live in a capital.   @Levi: As long as no journalist is willing/allowed to write about it, I can only advise to go and check for yourself, sorry. I've often seen mad stuff not making it into the papers and whole articles that were already made with weeks of investigative work in them having facts changed for political reasons, it's really not uncommon.     PS: The quotation system is really screwed atm.
  12. Refugee Situation in Europe

    Just go to Neustrelitz, Neubrandenburg, Burg Stargard and the surrounding area for a while, see for yourself instead of lazily relying on official reports and ask people working there, I have nothing more to say to you.
  13. Refugee Situation in Europe

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is naive. A good friend of mine is a reporter and what I've seen regarding censorship happening there for years would make your toes curl. The Kreisredaktion is passing the narrative on to the smaller papers and their Chefredakteur has to check and alter every article of the journalists accordingly. Most (if not all) papers are indirectly owned by SPD or CDU and they have very clear control about what is allowed to report and what isn't. Have you at least heard about the meeting between Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerberg for culling opinions in the internet as well? The CDU is trying to shut down anything that is hurting their narrative atm more than ever before to save face and this is no joke or conspiracy theory but the hard truth and sadly the right wing will only become stronger because of such methods.   You've heard about the police keeping quiet about rape-epidemics and the story about the Westphalenblatt daring to write something about it, right? I've gotten direct confirmation of this since I was sceptical too at first: http://www.infowars.com/german-police-covering-up-rapes-so-as-not-to-legitimize-critics-of-mass-migration/   If the rest of Europe doesn't help and doesn't divide the number of refugees more equally, things will get really ugly since what we see now may only be the tip of the iceberg if those people will get their whole family coming here too later which is the usual way and only natural.
  14. Refugee Situation in Europe

      The shit has hit the fan already indeed and it should and could have been avoided if people wouldn't have voted for the same idiots over and over again. I don't know if this clusterfuck can be solved in a nice way at all - certainly not by the people that let it happen and certainly not in a nice way by the far-right which undoubtedly will have an enormous boost in the next elections in March and September in Germany. Coming from a refugee family myself, I somehow get the feeling, that I'll have to migrate again sooner or later thanks to all of this and I honestly can't afford it atm.   One of the things that really urk me is the mass censorship and media control that is happening on a large scale now by Merkel and her accomplices which somehow have to save face while others have to pay yet again as always with this bunch.