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  1. [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    Awww come on... ,do never ever blame IDV for this 100% failure rate folks ,everybody knows it is definitely the CAD-CAM-Software developer to set into responsibility for this farce ... ,or maybe it is just the Post-Processor for not translating the 3D Models the right way that we can throw stones at... ,or maybe it was the service technican who wasnt capable enough to repair the newly bought and destroyed machine properly... ,or maybe just the mysterious flu of employees that have never been involved into the project at all ... ,or maybe it was the incredible high job rate that needs to be fulfilled by an machinery which is declared as an "engineers toy"... ,or maybe it was just the easter bunny that has eaten the fully redesigned project files that should have been shown 6 months ago... ,or maybe the buggy people who have seen this coming from the very beginning should be quartered... ,but wait now I got it...that guy just had no clue of what he was talking about.
  2. [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

      LOL... this thread always drops a tear into my eye =D Its really entertaining/hilarious to see so many people being affected by half knowledge in one place. Also offering that junk to others as part of an so called "information" just makes me sick... Discussing about topics you barely have any clue of ... ... and maybe you ve missed it between the 700 posts at all ... ... or maybe forgot about it within the last 9 months of "porgress" ... ... but we are talking about a CAD-CAM programmed machinery.  
  3. [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    @ ekianjo :   Dont waste your time in here ekianjo, some people just want to be fooled by others. I ve noticed that already about 200 posts earlier...
  4. [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    @Tenka The thing just is : The so called "Chef" did not serve the appetizer yet (visual concept), neither did he provide us with any salad yet. (preview of the finally milled Al-case) For someone who "steps into the arena" with sayings like : "...I want to mention that I am an Electronic Engineer (TU Karlsruhe), so I believe that I should have some Idea of what I am doing..." "...It is close to an insult to assume that an engineer might be unable to place some screws properly..." and the following one really made my day : "... you might not be as important as you feel..." better should deliver some progress instead of hiding behind phrases. All that I m asking for is some visual progress. Because till now we only have a list of weird delays : -ED gives "green light" for the case production on August 15th. -IDV gives a response that he is waiting for a dummy case to arrive on August 18th. -ED gives an update that the machine data is being programmed on September 3rd. -IDV gives an update that he has started the redesign on about September 18th. (?!) -IDV gives an update that its going to be delayed until end of Nov. due to some CAD-CAM-Software issues. (?!) If its just the CAD-CAM Software causing the trouble at the moment, he could at least show up with A LOT of visual content of the final case and some technical data to end up speculations about weight issues, the size of the whole thing, the wall thickness, how many parts, etc...
  5. [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    @ IDV :   Splendid ! Since the redesign is completely finished, I bet you can give / show us some screenshots and details of the CAD-Files. First of all I m interested in the following information : final number of parts ? precise overall weight ? screenshot of the hinge solution ? screenshot of the inside - bottom, top, lid of the Al-casing ? screenshot of the outside - the complete assembled casing ? Just that the people will get an imagination of what they have payed for about 4 months ago. Or is that Software also broken in your well organised facility ?
  6. [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    Ahhhh... dont worry folks... according to THIS, you always have to keep in mind :   ""   You are working with a true professional...
  7. Aluminium Case being made!

    @IDV : Thank you very much for your answers in detail. First of all I want to wish you good luck with this project of yours. @All : But I am sorry to say this : At its current state, Im not convinced to send my money into this. Dont get me wrong again, I would really like to see this project come to live. A very well made, milled, high tensile aluminium case at low weight would be a blast for the Pandora. What I just dont want to see is a very poor made brick of Aluminium, barely able to be carried around with, due to its dimensions and weight increasment. A barely fitting PCB, Display, Displaycable and Keymat is the worst you can create here. For my taste there are just too many unsolved variables left. To sum it up :         No reworked / redesigned CAD-Models available yet.         No proper calculation of the production costs possible due to the lack of reworked CAD-Models.         No assurance of a functional working Al-Case at all.         WiFi = ?,         Bluetooth = ?,         Weight = ?,         Dimensions = ?,         Hinge = ?,         LCD-cablemanagment = ?,         PCB-fixation = ?,         Keymat-functionality = ?,         LED-functionality = ?,         How does it really look like in the end = ?,         (Any drilled holes left on the surface caused by clamping = ?)         and so on...          Im even not sure if that 9.000 / 12.000 rpm max (only) milling spindle provides you with enough circumferential speed for the kind of tool-diameters you are going to require for our tiny little Pandora casings. I do not expect a 1:1 copy, but there are several tricky corners around this current case-design which might be required in aluminium redesign as well. For me everything starts and falls with a fully functional prototype. Everything else is far off the paths of engineering.  
  8. Aluminium Case being made!

    Please dont get me wrong Shenmue. I didnt mean to offend by my last coment. I am just worried about the realism of the production costs ... =)  
  9. Aluminium Case being made!

    Im usually not that type of guy ... but ... ROFL
  10. Aluminium Case being made!

    @ IDV : Im just curious about a couple of things. How many parts does the Al-Case consists of ? Are the shoulder buttons made of Aluminium as well ? Did you redesign the CAD-Models yourself ? Whats the weight of the Al-Case you are aiming for ? Whats the minimum thickness of the Aluminium case you are planning so far ? Can you tell me the brand and type of 5-axis milling machine you mentioned before ? Whats the cost per hour of that machinery ? You have already a prototype of a milled Al-Case in front of you ? How many years of CAD/CAM experience can you refer to ? And which software-knowledge are we talking about ? You are going to mill the parts yourself ? You ever stood in front of a milling machine ? When did you graduate from TH-Karlsruhe ? What happens if the production costs exceed the collected amount of preorder money ? Thank you in advance ...
  11. Oh WoW ... OpenBox GUI running fullscreen on a 1920x1080 Resolution now via the DisplayLink USB 2.0 to DVI-D Adapter ...  O.O This is just awesome ...
  12. O well, attaching an additional keyboard did not work here as well. Somehow that letter doesnt exist on its layout neither =P. (No matter what combination I have tried; that letter did not show up in that example *.txt file I have created for testing it out)   I guess I will have to change my password. Can this be done easily afterwards ? Or should I just do a quick reflash ?     EDIT :   Doing a search on the forums beside. ^^ - Alright first attempt tells me that "sudo passwd -d username" deletes the current set password. - ... okay and now how do I set a new one ? cO ... this cannot be that far off =P - Ah there we go : "sudo passwd username" did the trick to set a new password   Thanks all for your help by the way =)
  13. Argh... that would explain everything. I did not notice till now that there were several letters missing in that password box after entering it over and over again. =)   Doh !   Is there another chance to write the letters mentioned above without using the "Fn" key ?
  14. Thx for your replies all !   @ Levi :   Yup I can still boot up into the GUI (OpenBox for me) by restarting the Pandora (PandoraButton + PowerOn)   @ Shenmue :   That didnt work ^^   @ Askarus :   Is that the password I am also using for "sudo" commands within the terminal ? cO     Edit :   I just figured out that some of my sudo password letters arent accepted in that password box. O.O How do I write letters which are bound to the "Fn" Key combination there ? Some of them are accepted, ... some are not. (i.e.: € , $ , _ , ? , ! , " , : and some others)
  15. Ello there folks,   hopefully someone can help me out with this small problem here :   I have got/bought myself a displaylink adapter (UGA-165) for using a DVI-D attached screen with the pandora. Everything worked out good so far. According to the steps from :   When I come to the point of logging in again with my username and password I m ending up with an endless loop.   As far as I can remember I have never set any password for that user I have created for the pandora usage at the first time setup. (It usually boots straight into OpenBox GUI in my case without any prompt for password or something.)   What do I have to enter for the password here then if there is no password set? Leaving it blank will redirect me to the enter my username again.   Thank you in advance !