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  1. Wing Commander Saga

    It wouldnt work well as i have the CC Pandora But when i have the Pyra i will give it a try..
  2. Wing Commander Saga

    About 10 gb, for PND and Datafiles thats a lot.. But i also wait for the Pyra release, i got me a 128 gb SD Card for it, and i have now realy fast internet since oktober ( 30.000 instead of 500 )... As i have still my CC Unit..
  3. Revo K101+ Crystal Editions

    But then whe need somewhone whit a better camera than on my note 2 or better lightning so the pixels are from the screen, and not from the bad picture.. Im fine whit the display solution on the revo, its looks way better than on my GBA SP, I mean GBA wasnt known for its Ultra HD Solutions.. I have my Tetris, i have my Mario Land , Yoshis Island and Wario Ware inc whit me, im happy..
  4. Some more prototype info

    Cool, and when the Pre Pre Order Boards are getting shipped, then whe will know which number whe get ?? Cant you use the keymat samples you have to take to greace?? or dont they fit anymore because the changes to ingrease the light??   And when you take the CPU Board, the Batterie and the other Pyra ingredience whit you on the flight to greace, i hope you dotn getting catched on the  airport because whit your long hear and the elektronic components, you could look like a terrorist ...
  5. Worth picking up a Playstation TV?

    To play all of the cool PSVITA Games on TV, it might be worth the money, and you can use it whit the Youtube App to Watch Youtube Videos on TV, But personaly, i think these Games are made for and Handheld, and plays the best on the cool OLED Screen of a Real Vita..   Its a bit like the Pandora TV Edition, unlike the Vita dosnt have TV Out..
  6. Diablo 2

    So, it will work on my CC Pandora.. but i need some time to search for my CD first.. So it could be, that i play it on Pyra anyway..
  7. Diablo 2

    Dos this also work on CC Pandora?? I know i have the Disc from a Videogame Magazine, somewhere.. Or should i wait for the Pyra, because better performance, and better controlls??
  8. Refugee Situation in Europe

    Hear in "Püttlingen" the Town i live, there all where "Refugees" in World War Twoo, because there where near the french border so they decided to move the peaple to north germany or to the "ruhr gebiet".. Most peaple dosnt know the refuges personaly, they only beliefe the newspapers and TV, but nobody is going to pay a visit to the refugee places to look whats real in there.. There are assholes in every country in the world, but thats usual as they all humans.. You cant put all refugees in one trawer, they are humans like u and me, ..
  9. A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    Black transparent like the Revo K101 Plus i have now Its looks realy cool and you can see the PCB which would serve the Modular design of the Pyra quite well.. But Green, Blue or Black would also be cool..
  10. Revo K101+ Crystal Editions

    I think i post some pictures,            
  11. Revo K101+ Crystal Editions

    Even the K-Card is black transparent Hopefully i will get tomorow some time to made some photos.. And the revo is much smaler than the pandora, which makes it a good device for booring familiy partys where you cant waer cargo pants .. (Jeans or something).. I can remember that there was a sticker in the batterie compartment which you had to remove before the first boot up of the white Revo, but this thime it wasnt there..
  12. 2016 is the year of portable computers

    Since yesterday, i have the Revo K101 Plus GBA Clone, dos this also count?? I have the Pandora, and are one of the Pre Pre Orderers of the Pyra, which shall be shipped in 2016   A Smartphone also is a portable computer..   Mybe "Poketable Computer" would be a better term for us..
  13. Revo K101+ Crystal Editions

    Its there, and its realy cool, i like these transparent black.. There also some Homebrewgames on the micro SD so i used the Pandora to copy they from the new to the old Micro SD because there are still my Games on.. The light isnt the best to post some pictures, mybe this will have some time
  14. Revo K101+ Crystal Editions

    Well, i think i would send it to ED, because he is the trustet distributionspartner of Revo, and he is famous because the whole GP32 GP2X Wiz Caanoo Pandora Thing and mybe the shipping cost to china whould be same as a new unit costs.. So i decided to get me a new one.. Tomorow i will hopefully posts some pictures..
  15. Revo K101+ Crystal Editions

    The Revo i also have is the white K101+ but it have a display damage becaue the accident.. But the Crystal Black looks much better and i think whit chipping cost, the price of a new Display, and the work cost for the guy who change the display i anyway can buy me a new Revo and use the Batterie of the old k101+ in the new one..